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What an odd weekend. I haven't done half of the things I should have… - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 8.36 pm, Sunday 31st August, 2003
Subject: (no subject)
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Music:Björk - There's more to life than this
What an odd weekend. I haven't done half of the things I should have done. Spent all day Saturday looking for plays, and I spent far too much buying them. Then off to Esther's, which, lovely as it was, was a disappointment. Got into a scrap with Matt. Was generally no fun to be with. Although strip ZipZapBoing livened up the wee small hours.

On the way home today with Gareth, I had a funny turn. We were walking up the platform and The train was pulling in, coming towards us. People describe their lives flashing before their eyes in moments of impending doom. This was a flash forward. In an instant I saw myself jumping in front of the train. I saw myself die and I saw the pandemonium that ensued and I saw Gareth, stunned speechless. And I felt so powerful, that one step would make all that happen. I reached out and caught Gareth by the shoulder. Reality snapped back into the foreground. We boarded the train.

I'm stressed and I need sleep, and good food, and probably sex.
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User: i_digress_uk
Date: 1.28 pm, Sunday 31st August, 2003 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Those are the scary moments in life, when you see how easy it is to just stop. When you can see the effect that choice might have. But I, personally, would much rather have you here.

And strip ZipZapBoing? Okay. Kinda glad I missed that one.
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User: (Anonymous)
Date: 3.05 pm, Wednesday 3rd September, 2003 (UTC)
Subject: ...
I'm really glad you missed the train (...). Don't think it again. Or I will personally kill you a second time.

But... To prevent you from feeling like this again, could it be useful to satisfy your need of sleep, good food and, most of all, sex? In this case, I would like you to remember that I live by myself. (capisc'ammé)

(800 km far from England, but this is just a detail.)
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
User: weaselspoon
Date: 8.24 am, Friday 5th September, 2003 (UTC)
Subject: Re: ...
> (800 km far from England, but this is just a detail.)
However, quite a big detail. Oh, to be able to jet over there....
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User: (Anonymous)
Date: 3.31 pm, Monday 8th September, 2003 (UTC)
Subject: Re: ...
I'd appreciate to.
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