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Aurelia - Robert Thomas - after the novel by and in collaboration with Jean Pierre Ferriere - Adapted from the French by Tudor Gates
I was looking forward to this after Who Killed 'Agatha' Christie?, Gates' most famous play. It starts out as a quiet living room drama, old lady waiting for the return of her only living relative from Africa. His wife arrives first and charms the old lady's young companion and suddenly two pages before the interval there's blackmail and murder afoot. Exactly my kind of romp. Ending isn't quite neat enough, but excellent nonetheless.

A Bad Dream - A play by Simon Brett
Commissioned for an AmDram group to mark their centenary, it takes place in 1902 as the Bellingford Amateur Dramaticks are rehearsing for a production of A Midsummer Night's Dream (hence B.A.D. Dream and also bad Dream). A rich financier has taken over and tempers are fraying as he ruins the play for the sake of his own part. A light comedy romp until someone stabs him just before the interval. Fun and excellent for the right venue, but I'm particularly short on space.

The Bed Before Yesterday - A comedy - Ben Travers
Old lady marries for companionship but can't abide sex. Discovers sex. Can't abide not having sex. Husband has a no good son, with a sexy girlfriend originally played by one Helen Mirren. I didn't care.
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