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The store room of Samuel French's burst its banks and flooded the street last week and I did what any man would and tried to claim as many plays for myself as I could. Since I don't have much room for them, I'm reading them as quickly as I can and only keeping the cream. The rest I'll donate to the library I work in. I'm going to try and do quick summaries here which should help me give away a book I've read.

After You With the Milk - A Comedy - Ben Travers
Much like Thark, has all the makings of a farce without any of the pay-offs. She's young and pretty with an elderly husband, but she's just fallen in love with her stepson and she's been having an affair with the neighbour. Nothing stays secret for more than five minutes and no tension ever gets built.

Albert's Plot - A Play - Bob Hartwell
Granddad wants to keep his allotment but the council want to turn it into a road. A quick one-act slice of life about small people and small government but written with heart. Lovely, but I'm being harsh.

Edit: I'm recalibrating to be harsher. I need to get rid of these plays.
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