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Books - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 11.02 am, Wednesday 12th March, 2014
Subject: Books
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So through lent I'm trying hard to read in my spare time (and avoid trash TV). So far I've got through:

Introducing Jung - Maggie Hyde and Michael McGuinness
A whistlestop tour through the life and works of Carl Gustav Jung. I mostly read this because of an event I attended in Liverpool the other day on the mounting of a theatrical adaptation of Robert Anton Wilson's Cosmic Trigger. They were linking RAW to Jung and Bill Drummond and Liverpool and Ken Campbell and Timothy Leary and Alan Moore and I realised I just don't know enough about things and this seemed a sensible place to start. I love the level these books are pitched at, giving a taste without patronising. Mostly I've realised that I need to not think too hard about a lot of this stuff and enjoy the sensation.

Shibari - A New Play by Gary Duggan
A group of six entangled people fall in and out of love and lust and friendship over a month in Dublin. It's a bit rambling, but the characters are fragile and human and their plots do resolve, if not necessarily in the most satisfying fashion. I felt like it wanted to be about 2 scenes longer.

And now I'm halfway through the biography of Ken Campbell, which is fascinating but a bit lacking in clarity.
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