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Album 5 - Zinc Stoat presents Call of the Wild - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 12.59 pm, Tuesday 11th March, 2014
Subject: Album 5 - Zinc Stoat presents Call of the Wild
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Tags:lent albums
I'm not entirely sure of the heritage of this album. It seems to be a combination of music made for Ken Campbell's The History of Comedy Part One: Ventriloquism, and music made from it. A lot of it is a bit too rambly to be enjoyable in itself, but I can imagine it being great front of house and incidental music. Lots of tight loops, sampled dog barks, mumbles and mutters. And then Ken just going off on one. A good couple of minutes of him attempting "Who dared to put wet fruit-bat poo in our dead Mummy's bed? Was that you, Verity?".
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