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Comic Relief - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 7.06 pm, Sunday 24th February, 2013
Subject: Comic Relief
Security: Public
I'm doing the charity thing. I don't often do the charity thing, so I'm basically ploughing my overambitious lent drive into earning some money for comic relief.

Here's the plan:
During Mark Watson's 25-Hour Comedy Marathon, I'll be writing one song every hour. At 11pm on Thursday, I'll write a song about 1988 inspired by a 1988 chart topper. At midnight I'll do 1989. By the end of the show I should have made it up to the present day.
I'll upload the songs to bandcamp as soon as they're done.

If you want to sponsor me to do this, and teach me that these silly ideas of mine could potentially save the world one day, you can go here:
My Red Nose Page

Also, I'll have an option to pay for the tracks on bandcamp and I'll give anything that comes in through there straight to Comic Relief too.
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