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Boring Links - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 1.02 pm, Wednesday 5th December, 2012
Subject: Boring Links
Security: Public
I know it's been a week and a half, but here's a collection of links from:
Boring 2012: It's the most boring one yet.
Boring on twitter
Boring website

James Ward
Unexpected Item In Bagging Area
On the subject of Self-Service Checkouts
James Ward on twitter
James Ward's website
Grocer Magazine
Music: Left Bank Two by the Noveltones

Peter Fletcher
On the subject of Letterboxes
Peter Fletcher on twitter
Peter Fletcher's website

Ben Target
On the subject of Weights, Gauges and Roller-blades
Ben Target on twitter
Ben Target's website

Leila Johnston
IBM and Me
On the subject of IBM Tills
Leila Johnston on twitter
Leila Johnston's website
Text of IBM and Me
Email IBM till pictures to Leila@FinalBullet.com or tweet/instagram with the hashtag #ibmtills
Map of tills

Ed Ross
On the subject of Toast
Ed Ross on twitter
Ed Ross's blog
Ed Ross on tumblr
Ed Ross's website

Rose George
On the subject of Toilets
Rose George on twitter
Rose George's website
Rose George's blog
BBC article on fecal bacteria on banknotes
BBC article on Rwandan prisons
Colors Magazine: Shit
Rose George at TED

Neil Denny
On the subject of American Breakfasts
Neil Denny on twitter
Little Atoms radio show
Guardian article on the road trip
Bashful Bull Too
Eat Chow
Hotel Congress

Lunch at Ombra

Helen Arney
On the subject of the Yamaha PSR-175
Helen Arney on twitter
Helen Arney's website
The PSR-175 on Yamaha's UK site
PSR-175 manual

Roo Reynolds
On the subject of Collecting Collections
Roo Reynolds on twitter
Roo Reynolds' website
Roo Reynolds on Boring 2012
Alternative version of this talk
Brick link, for bulk buying lego
Lego Vignettes on Flickr
In The Fridge on Flickr
Graphviz, the graph drawing software
The Jamaica website
Fuck Yeah Internet Fridge on tumblr
Things Riding On Things on tumblr
Roo's Letter
Kim Jong Il Looking At Things on tublr
Peter Fletcher's Sneezecount
Kempfolds on blogspot
Fuck Yeah Colonel Gaddafi on tumblr

Greg Stekelman
On the subject of Heights
Greg Stekelman on twitter
Greg Stekelman's website
Celeb Heights

Charlotte Young
On the subject of Celebrity Chefs
Charlotte Young on twitter
Charlotte Young's website

Andrew Male
On the subject of Yellow Lines and the Festival of Britain
Andrew Male on twitter
The Boyle Family (artists)
Surveyor magazine
County of London Plan
The Spiv and the Architect
The West End Front
Chris's British Road Directory

James Brown
On the subject of Antiques Roadtrip
James Brown on twitter
James Brown's website
Antiques Roadtrip on the BBC
Antiques Roadtrip on twitter

Rhodri Marsden
On the subject of ASMR
Rhodri Marsden on twitter
Rhodri Marsden on ASMR in the Independent

Break, during which people attempted Swivelympics

Tombola prizes:
Boring DVD
A Casdon Little Shopper Post Office

Elise Bramich
On the subject of Tube Carriages and Vampire Numbers
Elise Bramich or twitter
Elise Bramich's website
Wiki page about LU rolling stock
Wiki page on vampire numbers
Dave Gorman on perfect numbers
Cinema Fiction vs Physics Reality: Ghosts, Vampires and Zombies

Emily Webber
On the subject of Shopfronts
Emily Webber on twitter
Emily Webber's website
London Shop Fronts on tumblr

Alice Bell
On the subject of the Science Museum
Alice Bell on twitter
Alice Bell's Website
Blog post about fridge hums
The Secret Life of the Home at the Science Museum
Social Shaping of Technology: How the Refrigerator Got Its Hum by Donald MacKenzie and Judy Wajcman
Shock Of The Old: Technology and Global History since 1900 by David Edgerton
1897 electric taxi at wired

Kathy Clugston
On the subject of the Shipping Forecast
Kathy Clugston on twitter
Kathy Clugston's website
Kathy Clugston on wikipedia
Shipping Forecast on wikipedia
Sailing By on wikipedia
Shipping forecast at the BBC
Shipping Forecast as Choral Chant
Storm in a Teacup
Prayer by Carol Ann Duffy
Brian Perkins reads Les Barker's Shipping Forecast
Transcipt of Les Barker's Shipping Forecast

James W Smith
On the subject of Walking
James W Smith on twitter
James W Smith's website
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