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Robert Wells, Suite for an Unplayed Game, 6 Channel Audio, 8mins, 2012, Victoria and Albert Museum - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 3.25 pm, Friday 30th March, 2012
Subject: Robert Wells, Suite for an Unplayed Game, 6 Channel Audio, 8mins, 2012, Victoria and Albert Museum
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Tags:art, music
I made a thing. I've written an 8-minute loop of music for an exhibition at none other than the V&A. Should you go to the exhibition British Design: 1948-2012, in the final room you will find a pavilion dedicated to video games. While gazing at the amazing wall of giant lemmings, if you listen closely you might hear this:

(If that doesn't work try heading to Once in a Moon dot com)

I'm quite proud of the work I've done. Nine short pieces form a kind of narrative arc (they're titled after chapters in Campbell and Vogler. These are then rendered three ways (in the style of 8-bit computers, analogue synths and modern sampling). These play simultaneously overhead, so that as you walk through the chronologically arranged gallery the music changes with you.

I've learnt a lot about how I write, and some interesting tricks to make me write different things. I've learnt that I need to get good at kontakt before I do anything like this again (the sampled set is not what it should be). I now feel like I can legitimately put composer on a business card.

The downside is I'm having a really horrible post-project slump, which had it come before lent would have spurred me into actually doing something this lent. As it was I was still in the throes of project stress and had no time for anything else. Any ideas for a new work of art/ludicrous contraption/folly to keep me amused for the next couple of months?
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Kevan Davis
User: kevandotorg
Date: 2.22 pm, Tuesday 3rd April, 2012 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Ha, the simultaneous playing is good, like the cross-fades they use for dynamic, contextual music in games these days. But I imagine you already knew that. I'll go and give it a listen some time.
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