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Musical Chinese Whispers Rules - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 2.06 pm, Tuesday 16th August, 2011
Subject: Musical Chinese Whispers Rules
Security: Public
Mostly for my records, these are the rules as emailed to players of Musical Chinese Whispers. The game is still on if anyone else fancies joining. Ideally I'd like three more people.

Directions (read all before starting):

1) This email should have attached three files: a, b and c. Please
download them.

2) Listen to file a once.

3) Attempt to reproduce it in however you see fit. Record your new
version. Record at the highest quality that you can be bothered to in
whatever setup you have to hand on whichever instruments you fancy.

4) Repeat for file b and c.

5) Come up with names for each of your pieces.

6) Now the technical bit. Sorry about this. From your recordings, make
two sets of files. One should be low quality MP3s (say 128kbps),
titled the same as the files you recieved but with a number one
higher. These you email to the next person on the list, CCing
whispers at weaselspoon dot com and quoting these directions. The second set
you leave at whatever quality they were recorded and title them with
your names. These you upload to the dropbox at the following link:

(Example: you recieve 03a.mp3, 03b.mp3 and 03c.mp3. You record your
versions and email 04a.mp3, 04b.mp3 and 04c.mp3 to the next person and
me. You upload, say, Jenny.wav, Jodie.wav and Jordan.wav to
If any of that confused you, call me or email at
whispers at weaselspoon dot com and I'll talk you through it.

7) In September, come and be bought a drink by me and we'll listen to
the outcome.

If there are no more names on the end of the list, just send it back
to me (I'll be adding more as the month goes on). If you know of
anyone else who would like to join in, please send me an email
address, or put them in the list after your good self.

If you cheat, I will neither know nor care. If you feel the need to
make a big production out of your recording, I'll be honoured, but a
quick recording fits the brief just as well. Just to have this thing
work as a game in any sense will make me very happy.

Thank you,

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