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Sleepovers - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 6.48 pm, Monday 11th July, 2011
Subject: Sleepovers
Security: Public
I've been to two interesting sleepover events in the last few weeks and they are both worth a write up.

First, I went to the BEAM Festival. While all the cool kids were out at Glastonbury, I went to Brunel University for a festival of, well, weird music. Ray Lee had his museum of Ethometrics, Sarah Angliss had her Space Dog and Mike Cook had the best toys ever. On the Saturday night, slightly drunk, we laid out our sleeping bags on mattresses in the main theatre and snuggled down to listen to the world premiere of Music For Sleeping And Waking Minds by Gascia Ouzounian, with R. Benjamin Knapp and Eric Lyon. It consisted of four layered sounds generated by the brainwaves of four sleepers. I heard all of about five minutes of it before having an incredibly sound sleep. I attempted to record it, but unfortunately I was sleeping next to the subwoofer and it totally washes out the recording. We woke to sound effects of birds and lights slowly rising.

Also at the BEAM festival I built two different analogue synths. I'm disproportionately proud of this. The festival made me really want to start building all the projects I've been meaning to, and it made me jealous of all the people who are already doing just that. If anyone wants to give me lesson one in fiddling with arduinos, I'd be eternally grateful.

The other sleepover was the strangely famous Lullaby at the Barbican. Duckie present a show to fall asleep to. You arrive at the Pit desk, where you check in and are given luggage tags and a bed number. Free tea, coffee and hot chocolate in the hotel foyer, and then you are seen through to a dressing room to change into pyjamas and brush teeth. The theatre is arranged with thirty beds around the outside, toes pointing to the circular stage in the middle. Lovely warm quilt, enormous fluffy pillows. The lovely folks of Duckie sang songs and told stories and gently saw us safely to sleep with the Music of the Spheres. And Tigers. I didn't sleep so well, despite the comfier bed, but when I surfaced in the morning to the sound of birds and rising lights I had enough presence of mind to think "Bugger off, not again" before I realised that there were real, cute, fluffy chicks in a small pen on the stage. Boiled eggs and soldiers for breakfast and then a shower before being pushed, blinking, into the deserted city on a Sunday morning.
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