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Lent Day 28: More fails (but some were DDoSs) - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 6.43 pm, Tuesday 5th April, 2011
Subject: Lent Day 28: More fails (but some were DDoSs)
Security: Public
So lent plans, like all plans, have kinda flown out of the window. Partly due to the ongoing failure of me being able to see LJ from work. Here's the missing plays and albums:
The Clink by Stephen Jeffreys is an Elizabethan political thriller. It makes points without preaching too much, keeps you guessing enough without being overly confusing and ends neatly but not cheesily. I like.

Darwin in Malibu by Crispin Whittell did nothing for me. The idea of Wilberforce, Huxley and Darwin meeting a hundred or so years after their death on a beach in Malibu is an intriguing one, but mostly it's used to give an excuse for some debating that doesn't go anywhere. The stakes are low and the play lacks drive, although the dialogue is well written.

Our House by Theresa Rebeck is another play on reality TV culture. Iritating dick shoots housemates to get interview with TV anchor who has sold herself out to present Our House (AKA Big Brother). Mostly I object to the time spent with nutters (my shorthand for 'character with unreliable/unnatural motivations'), but again well written dialogue even if from unbelievable characters.

All Eternals Deck by the Mountain Goats was pleasantly geeky in lyric if a little dull musically. Solid indie rock.

Blue Lester by Lester Young is jazz how they used to make it. Totally engrossing and yet, when left in the background, totally unobtrusive.

Music For Elevators by Anthony Stuart Head was unfortunately as dull as it sounds.

Minifestos to follow at some point.

The weekend was eventful if not exactly fun. Friday went to see the 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. Did not get picked out of the audience, but aside from that a fine production of a lovely show. I did get a bit teary at times. Then a late supper at Joe Allens and a little too much wine on top of gin. Home to collapse.

A rude awakening Saturday morning to join O in the initial stages of making a 48hr film for the sci-fi festival. Wasted most of my Saturday trying to help. Felt frustrated and resentful about the lack of a part for me and so mostly hid from the filming on Sunday. Instead ended up playing through most of Limbo with D. That game fucking rocks.
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