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Lent Day 14: The Girl Into Now (minifesto to follow) - A Most Illuminating Tale — LiveJournal
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 4.17 pm, Tuesday 22nd March, 2011
Subject: Lent Day 14: The Girl Into Now (minifesto to follow)
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So yesterday I read Tim Fountain's adaptation of Dandy in the Underworld, being the unauthorised autobiography of Sebastian Horsley. I haven't read the original, but I gather this is basically some hacked together extracts with a very loose plot. Sebastian Horsley is waiting for a publicist to come to take him to lunch and he then plans to fuck her. She doesn't arrive. He tells the audience some details of his cocain and prostitute filled life, his OCDs, and his fabulous suits. A rather dull monologue play that wants to be Jeffrey Bernard is Unwell, from what looks like a rather exciting biography that wants to be de Sade.

Today I've read The Girl in the Yellow Dress by Craig Higginson. An African, French-speaking student of the Sorbonne signs up for English lessons with apparently a lady of leisure. He obviously has more on his mind than grammar and she is similarly complicated. An interesting character study with just enough plot and form flowing to stop it becoming self indulgent. An ending that is neat without being too explicit and constricting.

Yesterday I listened to Classic Creeps by Fishboy. It is cocking awesome. The music is fine but it's the story telling and the form of the album that sets it apart. I could ramble on, but I should instead point you to the official page as that does a fantastic job of summing up why it rocks so much.

Today I listened to the latest from REM, Collapse Into Now. I came to REM at Automatic for the People, loved them, bought up the back catalogue which I mostly loved (I liked it less the further from AftP it got), I was there when Monster came out and grew to love that too, and then my interest waned after New Adventures in Hi-Fi, the leaving of Berry, and, oddly, the end of the millenium. Collapse Into Now sounds to me like a recycling of old tunes. I frequently found myself matching a song as the chord sequence of X in the speed and style of Y with the lyrical style of Z. But, maybe this is just that you love a band when you come to them and everything else they do will fail to live up to those high expectations. It is very rare for me to love any album more than the album I first heard.

EDIT: Plus this minifesto:
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User: diamond_geyser
Date: 1.49 pm, Friday 25th March, 2011 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)

When we saw ‘My Name Is Sue’ it was on the living room set for Dandy in the Underworld. Twenty-five skulls in an open-fronted display case, eminently fiddle-with-able for children. Just as the doorway is eminently disappear-through-able. Though the piano and drums that Sue’s band used was cleared away for us, all intriguingness of the walls remains, the set being a corner of an egotist’s well-corniced room. Covered with clippings and photos of Sebastian Horsely, weird art postcards too, the room of a stalker mentalist were it not his room.

From my own [excellent] notes at the time...

Mel gets them to do a sketch set in this very room, encouraging them to come up on the stage to have a look round – thus familiarising selves with the grotesque art and the sign declaring this not a brothel, brilliant – and rehearsing it off the stage, so as there are no fights over space.

Preston becomes an opportunist thief, ding-donging to try to get into Archie’s home, claiming self a salesman, psychic, religious zealot, purveyor of organic goods and all sorts before simply honestly announcing self a criminal, and being allowed in. though he flees, sharpish, when he sees some of the decorations...

Also a thing utilised by Will and Frankie, in their excellent bit of estate agent puffery, the former showing the latter around and doing mighty well at concealing while hinting at the building’s dark past: the blacked out windows, skulls, and headless bodies “art supplies” through the forbidden door all conspiring to make the property alluring. It being the brown and dodgy looking electrical power points that mean the sale is OFF. What CHEEK!?
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