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Lent Day 2: Deerhoof vs Evil, Getting Away With Murder and a Manifesto - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 11.27 pm, Thursday 10th March, 2011
Subject: Lent Day 2: Deerhoof vs Evil, Getting Away With Murder and a Manifesto
Security: Public
Quickly, before the day is out.

Deerhoof vs Evil is the JRock band out of which the other album was made (I'll make that make sense in the morning). EDIT: See this review of Reveille? Well, Deerhoof vs Evil is the album that you ignored on the way into the studio. This is much more solid and songlike than I remember Reveille being, and the snatches of lyrics that made it through to me made me smile.

Getting Away With Murder is Sondheim's only stageplay (cowritten by George Furth). It's a comedy murder mystery that isn't very funny, and also isn't that good a murder mystery. It's perfectly pleasant but I can see why he didn't write any more. EDIT: The plot follows seven murky characters who are attending a group therapy session, but their pulitzer prize winning psychiatrist doesn't show up. When they find his dead body, we're in familiar territory with the murderer quickly being narrowed down to one of them and all of them having reasons not to call the police. Where it gets interesting is the reveal of the murderer before the interval...

And here is manifesto 2, which will also be explained later:

EDIT: The text is The Manifesto Manifesto by Kim Mok which I happened upon earlier in the day and felt was too neat a coincidence to pass up.
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