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Lenten Vows - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 11.33 am, Wednesday 9th March, 2011
Subject: Lenten Vows
Security: Public
That time of the year again. The pancakes are finished and it's time to do something pointless to give myself the illusion of progress and creation. No plans for a puzzle this year, but if anyone wants one leave me a comment. I could be persuaded. Here's the plan:

1) Picture a day.
Shiny new camera, need to learn how to use it.

2) Play a day.
At least every weekday, read one of the tottering stack of plays that sniggers at me and a brief script report over here.

3) Album a day.
At least every weekday, listen to a different album from the four years worth of music (literally) that clutters up my computer and write a brief review over here.

4) One Minute Manifestos.
Every day upload to the youtube a 60 second film. The majority of these will be me talking to camera, but that is by no means a necessity. I've got a shiny new camera. It shoots video too. By the end of lent I hope to have taught myself all the video editing skills a boy like me should have.

That doesn't feel like too much. Anything else I should be doing? Any more recommendations or requests?
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