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I'm Sorry Fraser, I've Let You Down - A Most Illuminating Tale — LiveJournal
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 4.58 pm, Thursday 30th September, 2010
Subject: I'm Sorry Fraser, I've Let You Down
Security: Public
Some time ago, I got drunk in Edinburgh and made a bet that I would produce an awful song before the end of September. I'm going to fail, quite badly. My only solace is that so is he.

In other news:

The Urban Art Fair went well. I sold £125 worth of art. I then drank the profits. If anyone's interested, this weekend is the Lambeth Open.

I saw Punchdrunk's Duchess of Malfi and now firmly believe they should give up any pretensions of theatre and instead brand themselves as interactive art installations.

August brought forth Vintage at Goodwood, where I was overjoyed to take part in a staging of Ken Nordine's Colors. Mr Jonny Trunk is a good man indeed. Then to Edinburgh, where I saw an awful lot of good stuff in a short amount of time, although nothing amazing and nothing awful. Kitson's It's Always Now Until It's Later (or whatever it was) and the Not So Fatal Death Of Grandpa Fredo were both pretty special.

From Edinburgh to Thassos, Greece for a wedding. I was meant to be the official photographer, which I somehow managed despite having broken my camera three days into the trip. The island was beautiful, the people were lovely, but mostly the doing nothing was fantastic.

My birthday was a little stressful, but only because I really didn't like the idea of turning 30. Now that I am 30, it's absolutely fine. I went to a prom (Number 60) to see a Graham Fitkin piece that was breathtaking. I saw the Monroe Transfer at the Luminaire. Pampering at Trumpers, Tea at Fortnam and Mason. Shoes at Sadlers Wells (which isn't shit, althought it probably isn't really good enough for a West End transfer). Friends in the park and fish and chips. All properly lovely.

In the last few days I went to the Design Museum ball. I had a wonderful time making binbag dresses and waltzing to a frankly unbelievable orchestra. See if you can spot me in white tie here.

Tonight I am off to an album launch for Nonclassical. I have no idea what I'm about to walk into, but there will be champagne.
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