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Art! and Films! - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 6.33 pm, Tuesday 13th July, 2010
Subject: Art! and Films!
Security: Public
This weekend I am inflicting my own particular brand of art on the world. If you venture south of the river to Brixton, and then venture a little further south than that, you may find yourself in Josephine Avenue at the Urban Art Fair. It's a fantastic annual street market which I've been spending far too much money at for years. Now I've run out of wall space, it seemed time to be on the other side of the railings. I'll have things like this:
My Heart Took Flight
Acrylic on cotton, 12"x12"

as well as bicycle hunting trophies and things built from piano keys. Pictures will be going on flickr as they get finished. It would be lovely to see some friendly faces and once you're bored of art you can take in the jousting and the llamas as the Lambeth Country Show just round the corner.

Also, I'm in a film in a competition again. In fact many times of that. I'm in two virals for the paypal bump application for which they're offering a prize. If you could be so kind as to follow the following links and click the like button I'd be most grateful.

What Robert did on a very hot day with music by the monroe transfer.

A jolly wheeze on bumper cars with music by Tove

Also, Sign Language has been re-edited and is now even snappier to enter another competition. If you'd like to see it again and just a bit faster, see it here.
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