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Pavement - Spare Ticket - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 4.43 pm, Wednesday 12th May, 2010
Subject: Pavement - Spare Ticket
Security: Public
I seem to have a spare ticket to see Pavement tomorrow night at the Brixton Academy. Anyone a frustrated Pavement fan? Meeting somewhere in Brixton about 19:30. Let me know in a comment or drop an email to pavement at weaselspoon dot com if you're interested.

And just so I've posted my political leanings, you know how people have been complaining that "This Isn't What We Voted For"? We now have the number 1 voted group's leader as boss, the number 3 voted group's leader as deputy and the number 2 voted group's leader hounded out of office. Is that what we voted for? I have no idea why this is better than a conservative minority government. The only thing I can think is the dual dogs of politicians not being grown ups and the conservatives being chickens.
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