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Ranty - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 1.48 am, Monday 4th August, 2003
Subject: Ranty
Security: Public
Music:Barry Crompton - Frozen In A Photograph
Well. That was a truly fucked up weekend. Friday night I went to see a play, discovering in the process that I had had my bike nicked and also breaking my favourite bag. Then I had a four hour reharsal on saturday where I said exactly no lines. Then there was what should have been a 10 minute meeting about marketing. I left after 40. I intended to dash into town leaving me all day Sunday free, but no, I lock myself out. And then had the comedy scene of my father driving down from Coventry to bring me a new bike and look after me if I'm locked out for a prolonged period, and the landlord driving from the country somewhere. They arrived pretty much simultaneously and all looked well. Then the landlord didn't have a key to my flat and so my father had to break in leaving everyone a little shocked, embarassed and irritated. So now I have to repaint my door. And today I have spent cleaning my room because my dad said it was a tip (and tip by his standards is something impressive), looking for CDs for the show in HMV (and then they declined my card) and avoiding learning lines. Oh, and watching the stunning German Grand Prix. 9am call in the morning and I should be off book.


I'm still smiling.
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