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Opera and Wine - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 6.00 pm, Thursday 18th March, 2010
Subject: Opera and Wine
Security: Public
The week in Bury Court Barn for Dido and Aeneas was delightful and and wine fuelled. I don't think I did my best work, but it worked, eventually, once Stage Electrics had shipped out a second lighting desk. For anyone interested the stage was on four steps and was lit with 32 Par 56 lanterns broken down as 6 SL sidelight, 6 SR sidelight, 9 SL frontlight 9 SR frontlight and 2 uplighting the stairs as well as a 3kW strobe pointed at the ceiling, all open white. After the first rehearsal, someone asked for foldback, which was installed and subsequently used for reinforcement and sound effects, against my recommendation.

There is some beautiful music in Dido and Aeneas, but also an irritating number of repeat marks. It left me wondering if we're not missing some of the libretto. I basically love the upbeat stuff (overture, harm's our delight, haste haste, etc). The staging was lovely, although difficult for me to light, with scenes merging and flowing and with characters indicated by behaviour, not costume.

I love the harsichord. I'm in awe of the theorbo.

Back to the real world and feeling like shit. Too many wine, too little sleep. Drunken paint calls at 3am don't translate into ability to stay awake at desk.
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