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Modernism and Marathons - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 3.08 pm, Friday 19th February, 2010
Subject: Modernism and Marathons
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Yesterday I made a small tune generated by coin tosses and arbitrary rules. It only lasts thirty seconds, but you probably wouldn't want it to go on much longer. I'll write up the technique over at bandcamp.

Also in the news I ran my first mile. It took me a little over nine minutes. It's the first time I've ran for the sake of running since school. I'll get better.

I listened to the excellent B3 by Big Bang Boom. I like this trend towards things for kids of all ages. This album is silly novelty rock, but Brothers is brilliantly observed and Put Your Pants on is one joke over three minutes and I laughed many.

Today I'm trying to write a nursery rhyme.
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