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Braid (Huge Spoilers Ahoy) - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 6.35 pm, Wednesday 10th February, 2010
Subject: Braid (Huge Spoilers Ahoy)
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Last night, after a lovely evening listening to Tom Wrigglesworth having a good old rant about Virgin trains, I stayed up a little too late finishing Braid.

For anyone who hasn't played it, Braid is a classic 2D platform game with a twist. You play Tim, who runs around, jumping on baddies and collecting jigsaw pieces in his quest for the princess, who is always in a different castle. The twist is that with a push of a button, time runs backwards and you can undo your mistakes.

Bugger me. That is a beautiful game, and an amazing ending, confusing and beautiful and chilling. As you progress through the game, going from room to room in the house, texts reveal Tim's desire to take back mistakes he had made, and his regrets and obsessions. When you complete worlds 2 through 4, you are admitted to the loft, where lies world 1. There are no more jigsaw pieces to collect, and the mechanic twists to the world running in reverse (baddies fall upwards, bullets are sucked into guns) and when you reverse time, everything runs normally again.

The final level has you in a cave where in the world above you can see a burly knight holding your princess saying "I've got you", she escapes from his grip and jumps up a level and he shouts "Get down here" as she cries "Help me!". Suddenly a wall of flame erupts and you are running to the right through the cave as fast as possible as your princess runs above, flipping switches to open your way, dropping drawbridges to let you through, blocking guns. Finally you find yourself outside, you climb the tressle to her balcony and

The princess lies in her bed, asleep. You are outside on her balcony. With nothing else to do, you try the backwards button. The music resolves, the princess wakes up and the scene runs forwards. You are watching the princess and she runs from you. You jump down and run through the tunnels beneath the house as the princess tries to kill you, raising drawbridges, arming guns, blocking your path. you find yourself in the first cave, where she screams above you "Help me!". A knight calls "Get down here". She jumps into his arms. "I've got you".

I've never before felt so manipulated by a game. You are the monster. The epilogue texts go on to refer to a broken relationship and a nuclear explosion (specifically the trinity test). Obsessions leading to pain, regrets.

I probably sound like a big girl's blouse saying that, but I couldn't sleep for hours. Still surprisingly shaken by it.

It probably doesn't help that sitting at my desk I then discovered Every Day The Same Dream.
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User: ex_robhu
Date: 10.22 pm, Wednesday 10th February, 2010 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
There's also the stars...
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User: phlebas
Date: 1.26 pm, Thursday 11th February, 2010 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
I may also be a big girl's blouse. Have you seen Today I Die?
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters: Take Courage
User: weaselspoon
Date: 3.32 pm, Friday 19th February, 2010 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Keyword:Take Courage
I had seen that. It did weird things to my head. I love that the indie games scene at the moment is pulling out these beautiful little experiences.
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