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MMIXtape - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 9.53 pm, Thursday 21st January, 2010
Subject: MMIXtape
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The Annual Music Roundup Meme
Here, a little lot later than planned, inevitably, is my annual mixtape. Click the link to download, or email me at (mixtape at weaselspoon dot com) if you'd like me to send you a copy on CD. Links to download previous years are at the bottom. Songs are often heavily cut for reasons of length.

MMIX - Songs from and inspired by Two Thousand and Nine AD

1. Broken Biscuit Club by Paddy Kingsland of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop from the Retrospective.
I had the good fortune to witness the Radiophonic Workshop concert at the Roundhouse in May and hear the talk they gave before the show. Such a fascinating band of people. One thing I hadn't realised was that when they were on the cutting edge in the 60s there were other institutions doing the same thing in other countries. However, all the other institutions tended to be government sponsered art initiatives which occasionally produced some abstract noises. The BBC Radiophonic Workshop churned out music and sound effects for anything that needed them with deadlines and budgets to manage and furthered the art much further and much faster. Some notes from the Q&A. Interesting article about the gig.

2. Car Horn Prelude from Le Grand Macabre composed by György Ligeti from the recording conducted by Esa-Pekka Salonen.
I forced RTD to take me to this after I forced him to see Spinal Tap. The ENO production we saw was rather flawed, but fantastic to watch being set as it was inside a Giant Naked Woman.

3. Good Weekend by Art Brut from Bang Bang Rock & Roll.
So many significances. Apart from the fact that this was one of my lent albums, and one of my favourite lent albums at that, I also saw Art Brut playing the Electric Ballroom in Camden, where Eddie Argos managed to piss me off and disproportionally so by saying that he hated record shops that sold DVDs and games. I think he should try going to a record shop, rather than HMV. In August, I was overjoyed to be a part of Mark Watson's last ever 24 hour show. During this, David O'Doherty told a tale of the worst screwing over by a celebrity he had ever had and I was called upon to act the part of DOD. He was dating the singer of a minor all girl indie band, who were touring as the support for a larger indie band. In the middle of the tour, he surprised her by turning up after a gig and she was less than thrilled. She then told him she couldn't see him the next day because she was already going to the cinema with the lead singer of the other band, who it transpires was one Eddie Argos. Now listen to the song. Suffice to say, she dumped him quite soon afterwards. Possibly most significantly in 2009 I got myself a brand new girlfriend and I think I love her.

4. I Got A PhD from Porn The Musical.
On a night early in the Edinburgh Festivals with a two hour hole to fill, we decided to choose the silliest name from the daily guide. Porn The Musical turned out to be a professional Maltese production with a good score, a good script and a good cast. It's a musical about the porn industry playing on classic musical tropes. When an unknown lad happens upon a porn studio and falls in love with the female lead, he gets talked into making The Greatest Porn Film Ever Made. In this scene he is introduced to Doctor Johnnie, the resident stud. Why's he called Doctor? Because he's got a PhD. What's it in? Anything he can put it in.

5. Big Ten Inch Record by Bull Moose Jackson.
One of my favourite tracks from Vegas nights. I've finally found a copy of it.

6. From Diane: The Secret Tapes of Agent Dale Cooper played by Kyle MacLachlan.
7. Falling by Angelo Badalamenti with vocals by Julee Cruise from the Twin Peaks soundtrack.
Over many weeks I finally worked my way through the epic saga that is Twin Peaks. I now know who killed Laura Palmer and why this is significant. I've lost a lot of sleep to visions of a long-haired man in denim. And I was genuinely upset by the final episode. The vocal version is also here because I saw Thomas Truax this summer and he performed it in all its glory.

8. This Is The Dream Of Win & Regine by Final Fantasy (now Owen Palett) from Has a Good Home.
This album was bought for me as a birthday present in '08 (thanks FDE), but I only got round to listening to it in lent. It's a beautiful thing, and he's a great performer. I got to see him in the Union Chapel with a visual show on an OHP and it was lovely.

9. We Don't Have That Kind Of Bread by Zoey Van Goey from The Cage Was Unlocked All Along.
In Spring I signed up to the Avalanche Records Album Club. I sporadically get sent a package of interesting music. It's great fun. By far the most exciting thing I've received was a three track sampler from this album, which exactly captures my love of something a bit silly, but still good. The album has now got quite a big release and is probably available from a record shop near you.

10. Home Taping's Killing Music from Misty's Big Adventure and Their Place in the Solar Hi-Fi System.
I only came across Misty's Big Adventure because Night Time Better Than the Daytime was used by Daniel Kitson and Gavin Osborn to play in the first of their midnight Regents Park gigs (Stories for the Starlit Sky). The lights went down, the music started, and we all felt that magic tingle as we looked at the stars in giddy anticipation. Three minutes later, we're cold and bored and waiting for the show to start.

11. Whiskers by Boy Least Likely To from The Law of the Playground.
I think I had the pet name whiskers before I heard this song, but it was a close run thing. Another slice of indiepop nonsense. I really want to hear a cover of this in the style of Johnny Cash

12. The Ice Bear Crosseth from Oh My Green Soapbox.
This was the sound of an animated polar bear crossing the stage in the show I tech'ed through Edinburgh '09. Almost everyone I spoke to said this was their favourite bit of the entire show.

13. My Girls by Animal Collective from Merriweather Post Pavillion.
Another lent track. MNMC gave this to me and I think this is a good example of the kind of change that I like to hear in music. Every time you're just about to get bored, something moves. It's turned up on lots of best of '09 lists, which makes me feel slightly odd for including it.

14. Fish You Were Here by Matthew Robins.
I've seen Matthew Robins a couple of times this year. He mostly sings songs which tell stories which are animated as shadow puppetry on an OHP. I heard Fish You Were Here at a scratch at the BAC, animated with the help of a fishtank.

15. Blue Lips by Regina Spektor from Far.
This year I have mostly been quoting this song every time anything blue has been mentioned. Blue chair, blue chair, blue, the colour of that chair that's standing on the floor. She played a cracking gig at the Serpentine Sessions, although her performance was notably better than the event.

16. Joy In Repetition by Freemoore from a bootleg of the final Bongo Club Cabaret.
I caught the final Bongo Club Cabaret of the season on my own. The lovely Andy Moore, AKA Freemoore, performed a lovely set and this was his final number. The joy of the modern age is that I could ask him over Facebook if he'd recorded it, and I know now that it's a Prince cover after the version recorded by Dayna Kurtz.

17. Incidental music from This View Of Life by Liam Dunachie.
I got to be Darwin in Cambridge in This View Of Life by Matt Wilkinson. This is the final piece of incidental music covering the almost happy ending.

18. My Husband's Got No Courage In Him by Maddy Prior & June Tabor from Silly Sisters.
In February for Valentine's Day, Bellowhead curated a dirty weekend of gigs, and the Saturday night spectacle was Bellowhead with special guests performing filthy songs. The three that stick out were a choir singing My Husband's Got No Courage In Him, Jon Boden singing Maid of Australia, and the old RAF tune that appears later on this mixtape.

19. Have A Cuppa Tea by The Kinks from Muswell Hillbillies.
I made a mixtape for a tea party and was pointed at this song by my boss. Remember: Tea is good.

20. Biscuits! from Gutenberg! The Musical!
While in New York this November I found this cast recording in B&N and giggled like a schoolgirl. I saw the Jermyn Street run when it was still in its infancy and loved it. This was on the tea party mixtape too.

21. Banging In The Nails by Tiger Lillies from The Brothel To The Cemetery.
In the Easter weekend I went to Torture Garden at Mass, the converted church nightclub in Brixton. Mostly, it was pretty dull, but there was one great DJ. This is one of the tracks he played. It is in appalling taste, even after I've cut off the worst of it.

22. Third Reich by Frank Sanazi.
I sat in the front row for this year's Malcolm Hardee awards show. It was, as you might expect, mental. Mr Methane farted a blowdart into a balloon atop the head of Kate Copstick. Charlie Chuck shouted a lot. Otto Kuhnle made us feel guilty for being English. And then came a tall, well-built crooner of the old school, in a tux with slicked hair and a small moustache. This is also in bad taste.

23. Pussy Song by Ali McGregor from a bootleg of Mark Watson's Last Ever 24 Hour Show.
I'm sure diamond_geyser will be able to tell me exactly when this was, but I know it was in the Pleasance Cabaret Bar sometime in the afternoon. Ali McGregor played a couple of numbers on an omnichord to keep us amused. Amused I was muchly. At the start of this you can hear her say that this is only the second time she's performed it in front of people.

24. Dr. Stringz by Andrew Bird from Jack’s Big Music Show.
I saw Andrew Bird in Edinburgh. Someone shouted a request for this. I really like it.

25. Death To Los Campesinos! by Los Campesinos! from Hold on Now, Youngster...
Another lent track, recommended to me mostly because they reference the dewey decimal system on Don't Tell Me to Do the Math(s). This is the catchy tune that opens their debut album. I saw them in the winter playing at the Garage and, to tell the truth, they weren't that good. The album's brilliant, though.

26. From Diane: The Secret Tapes of Agent Dale Cooper played by Kyle MacLachlan.

27. The History Of Europe by The Mystery Fax Machine Orchestra.
I saw the MFMO performing this at the 100 Club where Martin White introduced it as The Complete History of Europe in Under Three Minutes. I've embarrassed myself muchly at Karaoke Circus. I think the MFMO are brilliant and Martin White is always worth watching wherever he is playing and whatever he is doing.

28. Follow The Band by Sods' Opera from Come On Lads.
This is the other filthy song that was performed by Bellowhead at the Queen Elizabeth Hall.

29. Bavarian Rhapsody by Oompah Brass from Oompocalypse Now.
If you were in Edinburgh this year and you heard a brass band playing, it was probably these guys. They busked a lot, as well as turning up at the Mark Watson long show and being in Blow Up, the credit crunch musical.

30. The Pregnancy Song by Lauren Kennedy from The BMI Workshop Songbook.
I'd not heard of the BMI Lehman Engel Musical Theater Workshop until someone sent me a link to one of the podcast songs. I'm not sure how I missed that one. The podcast is well worth a listen, if only for the songs. I hope they do a second series.

31. Science Is Real by They Might Be Giants from Here Comes Science.
My brother introduced me to TMBG back in the day. I've vaguely followed them throughout and their recent trend towards family friendly edutainment has fitted their style very well. Here Comes Science does contain some genuine science and some catchy tunes.

32. The Theme from Panda! Go Panda!
Panda! Go Panda! is a pre-Ghibli Hayao Miyazaki film, about two pandas and a girl. It's sweet and silly and has the kind of theme tune you'll be humming for weeks, whether you like it or not. I have been.

33. T-Shirt Weather by The Lucksmiths from Where Were We?
This was used before the second Story for the Starlit Sky. If anyone's interested, the third was preceded by a live recording of The Boys Are Back In Town. The shows used as their playouts The Divine Comedy's Tonight We Fly, Nick Cave's Into My Arms and Glen Campbell's Wichita Lineman.

34. End Music by The Sound of the Ladies.
This is a lounge cover of a song originally written by Nick Gill for a production of Crave and then recorded by The Monroe Transfer on Electric Old Wire Noise. The Sound of the Ladies is Martin Austwick, former Monroe Transfer guitarist and quantum physicist.

35. Humbuggery by Once in a Moon.
OK. This is me. I was asked if I'd sing a song for diamond_geyser 's Christmas Huzzah, so I wrote this and then, with a glamorous assistant, we had a rousing singalong of Band Aid (arranged for Autoharp, Chimebars and Kazoo). This recording is from Christmas day when everyone was getting sleepy and uses the harmonium that I bought for a pound that is currently stopping me from reaching most of my books. I will be updating the bandcamp site soon. There are some older demos on the myspace.

36. [That Was An Adventure] by Uncle Monsterface from This Is an Adventure!
Uncle Monsterface is a sock puppet rock band. Although there are many fine tracks on their recorded works, I only had room for this little sting.

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User: spangle_kitten
Date: 10.37 pm, Thursday 21st January, 2010 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
I didn't realise TMBG were still going!

A friend from my am-dram group introduced them to me years ago, and it became the soundtrack to turn of the century student parties...interesting times...
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