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Happy December! - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 5.39 pm, Thursday 3rd December, 2009
Subject: Happy December!
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Ye Gods, December has brought forth the most awesome advent calendar: Lego! (you may also note there are pirates, but I couldn't get one in time and now it seems silly to have two advent calendars).

This post from lordsoftheblog made me laugh on a very dreary morning. Also, the feed from the Digital Economy Bill, currrently awaiting the Commitee stage in the Lords, is digitaleconomy and all the details are here. It seems to be some routine updating with a big slab of doom.

Just back from NYC, which was fun. Thanksgiving was spent in the traditional manner, being in the company of an enormous bloody mary. I did take in a show, and having been told that I should, nay needed to, see Next To Normal, I went to see Toxic Avenger instead. My face ached for hours. It's enormous fun.
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