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Vive la Vache! - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 11.36 am, Wednesday 15th July, 2009
Subject: Vive la Vache!
Security: Public
Last night, to celebrate Bastille day, the purple cow on the southbank had a French double bill. Commodore Sir Timothy Fitzhigham FRGS Pittancer of Selby told the tale of his attempt to row the channel. In a Bath. It's available as a book, which I heartily recommend. Priorite A Gauche then attempted to educate us. It was much fun. I learned that Belgian beers hide in their names just how sick you will be after drinking them.

Last week I was being Darwin in This View of Life at the ADC. Sorry for the failure to tell any one but it was incredibly last minute. A little write up can be found here and there are some photos here.
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