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The most sanguinary Warrs are about Religion. - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 10.22 am, Thursday 9th April, 2009
Subject: The most sanguinary Warrs are about Religion.
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What happened yesterday? There was work and stuff and mostly failing to get round to stuff and then I went home and got stressed about ticketmaster. I hate fucking ticket fucking master. Naughty takeaway washed down with guilt and a home made muffin.

Album of the day was Ivor Cutler - Jammy Smears. Mental. The piece about a man with woollen eyes reminded me so much of Martin White. I need to get a harmonium.

Ivor Cutler - Jammy Smears

Play of the day was Robert Farquhar - Bad Jazz. Self referential piece about actors taking things too far. Somehow really caught me. I love the final speech where she wraps everything up by telling you the epilogue, complete with telling you about how she would crowbar the epilogue in if this was a play.
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