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Spinning fantastic yarns whose action .. took place at sea. - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 3.28 pm, Monday 6th April, 2009
Subject: Spinning fantastic yarns whose action .. took place at sea.
Security: Public
So much has happened. April fool's day was fun. I always try and look through the papers for pranks. Waitrose were advertising Pinanas (half pineapple half banana) and I think the metro ran a review for a secret london restaurant where diners are strapped to their chairs. The BBC iplayer toaster with its Digital Retraction Mechanism for getting the crumbs out was also fun. I was kinda pranked by a group of students who used me as research for their devised project by all having their mobiles go off in quick succession and seeing how long it took for me to shout. when they'd finished one of them popped a balloon with a pin and they all left. Very surreal.

Thursday had a short day at work and then home to prep O's birthday present. He got a card and a trophy and a song where I Did Not Call Him A Cock. Also recorded MAR's composition 30 Blues. At midnight we trundled into the park and drank champagne.

Friday was a dull day at the office mostly spent mastering the CD to give to O (also now including C# Begins At 30 by RTD). Had a shower and a shave in my lunch break. Home, briefly change and repack. To Brazas on Tulse Hill for the birthday dinner. I didn't like the food, but had a lovely time anyway. So good to see O happy. People kept turning up and ruining the layout of the restaurant as we colonised.

Saturday, after recovering and cooking breakfast, was spent mostly failing to do stuff. I managed to make headway on Cahon 2, but couldn't get any further. O was busy writing for the Sci-fi 48 hour film challenge, so I occasionally had to listen to pitches. Then in the evening, once they'd decided on a story, I did some preliminary graphics for it and hit the sack.

For anyone who doesn't know about it, the challenge is this: create a film of 3-5 minutes with a given title, prop and line of dialogue, in less than 48 hours. This year the title was The Last Showing, the line of dialogue was "Say you took the blame for someone, just don't say who" and the prop was 5 ring doughnuts. The first idea we had was a time travel thriller which would have been great, except that when you boiled it down to less than 5 minutes it was a very generic time travel story that I personally have seen at least six times before. We went for a comedy option.

So for Sunday I was up after three hours kip to a Certain Cinema where we secretly filmed til noon. Then some street scenes. Then lunch. It was all a bit of a blur, but I think somehow I might have become the protagonist, if the film has one. Lots of doughnuts and waiting and film faff. I might have to poke O into doing a series of 48 hour films with no prep and nothing more than the kit we own. They always seem to be lots more fun. Home to do more graphics. Tidying. Ghostbusters 2. Pizza. Sleep. Phone. More graphics. Sleep. Phone. Sleep.

I think the last album of the day was Prodigy - Invaders Must Die. Seemed like an awful step backwards for them. Nothing wrong with it, but just a bit pedestrian compared with their older stuff.

Prodigy - Invaders Must Die

Play of the day was John Osborne - Look Back in Anger. I was told I needed to know the historical context and really read it as a period piece, and instead I read it with no thought of background. I can see why this was important, I think. But I still don't believe him or her or them. Couldn't really see where it was going, and then it went nowhere, but maybe that's the point.
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