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The revenue derived from labour is called wages - A Most Illuminating Tale — LiveJournal
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 5.52 pm, Monday 30th March, 2009
Subject: The revenue derived from labour is called wages
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Thursday passed in a bit of a blur with the no sleep and the lack of brain that leads to. Spent a lot of time at my desk editing sound effects so that come seven pm I could dash home and do the final mastering of my backing track. With an hour before having to leave for the bus I was throwing kitten sound effects on to accordion music. With ten minutes to go I threw a CD at MAR saying Test That while I hastily packed a bag. Victoria Coach Station for the Megabus to Edinburgh.

Wake on the outskirts, tired and achey. Reclaim bag, pickup keys, get to flat, collapse. Three hours later wake with the man of the house startled to find a body on his sofa. We go in to town for a cable, a parking pass and a pair of pig filled rolls. I have time for a couple of singthroughs before getting ready for the night ahead, complete with silly outfit and facepaint. To the venue and a hurried setup. The last two people to be booted from the backroom of the pub were playing the quiz machine and when I looked they had the following question:

Which of the following makes up one third of three day eventing?

(A) Dressage

(B) Pony Javelin

To which they answered (B).

Poll #1374973 Pony Javelin

What is Pony Javelin?

Throwing the javelin while riding a pony
Throwing the javelin at a pony
Throwing a pony as a javelin
Throwing a pony as a javelin at a moving target, for example the opposite team

Should it be part of the olympics in 2012?

Only if the pony doesn't mind

Show went well in the end. I was a bit embarrassed by my lack of preparation, but it seemed to go down alright. From there to Dario's for dinner and then sleep.

In to town with F for brunch at chocolate soup. Mooch around the shops and end up joining the Avalanche Record Club. Also bought a dirk. Walk F to Carlton hill where she is learning to be red and then take photos while she gets in a big heap. Back through town and home to pack. Fail to get food before arriving for the bus so buy two packets of crisps and some irn bru and chocolate. A healthy traditional scottish dinner. F came to say goodbye and then it was back on the bus and a double seat all the way back to london.

Back to BPG and then sleep until GP rerun. Drifted in and out of it, mostly in at the crashes. Great to see Button and Brawn doing so well. Completely forgot the boat race. Unpacked and pootled and watched the sunset and takeaway and attempts at sleep.

Most of today I've been with headache and earache from lack of sleep.

Album of the day was Panda Bear - Person Pitch. Short version: Good, but I preferred Merriweather Post Pavilion.

Panda Bear - Person Pitch

No play due to sleep and stress.
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