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Very popular with their loony, disjointed brand of funk rock. - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 10.20 am, Thursday 26th March, 2009
Subject: Very popular with their loony, disjointed brand of funk rock.
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Early in to work. Interesting morning picking subjects for students to read. Learnt the proper meaning of the phrase The Exception Proves The Rule. Photocopier Repair Man came and started replacing every working part on the machine. At 12, when I had to leave, I gave him my keys and left for Picadilly Circus. Criterion for Mountview BA Actors showcase. Discuss out of focus gobo. Bad follow spots. One point of total miscue. The show was rather good. Nice pieces all round. From there, shopping for spraypaint and hairspray, meander up Berwick Street, Oxford Street, home. Nachos for lunner. Then the madness of recording a backing track for a very silly song with none of the instrumentalists having any idea what it would sound like. MAR on cello and piano, DF on guitar and RTD on bass. Also had to make my outfit. Editing til 4:44 am. Sleep til 7.

Album of the day was Fall Out Boy - Folie á Deux. Not a good day for listening to music. Mostly I thought of this as "Mmmmm.. Nice rock stuff.... Voice a bit like Thomas Dolby... Mmmmm.... zZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZ". Sorry.

Fall Out Boy - Folie á Deux

Play of the day was Bruce Norris - The Pain and the Itch. The story of a disfunctional family at thanksgiving complete with something eating the avocados being told to a man for reasons we do not find out until very near the end. So many loose ends tied up in the last two pages where suddenly the meat of the story is spelled out. Mostly unpleasant people who end up mostly alright.
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