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The bridge was .. frail and shaky. - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 10.17 am, Wednesday 25th March, 2009
Subject: The bridge was .. frail and shaky.
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Did anyone not feel odd yesterday? Something in the air, I suppose. Good deed for the day was working on sound effects for Jesus, which I'll carry on doing today. Jesus likes my beard which makes him the fifth Jesus to have commented. Spent my commute and lunch break finishing Another Code for the DS, which is definitely aimed at someone younger than me, but does through at least the first half a wonderful job of dripfeeding you a mystery thriller plot. Home and discussions of the song I'm recording tonight. Then finish writing it. Sleep.

Dear diary, I'm sure I had more to say, but I haven't the faintest notion of what it could be. I think I shall spend all my days dazed like this.

Album of the day was Dolly Parton - Backwoods Barbie. Caught me from the first track. A feel good album with a knowing wink and a lot of heart. When listening to a song about her christianity I kinda sank, until I heard the line I've got something to lift me up, something to hold me down, 'cause I've got Jesus and gravity. Also the anti-rhyme of You make me feel like a lunatic, 'cause I'll do anything for that sweet kiss.

Dolly Parton - Backwoods Barbie

Play of the day was Joel Horwood & Christopher Heimann - Food. New restaurant rapidly gains three michelin stars and then you see the cracks appear in the chef. You brace yourself for an inevitable crushing. And to say how it ends would be the only spoiler of spoilering and defeat the object of the play. Surprisingly good.
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User: spangle_kitten
Date: 12.03 pm, Wednesday 25th March, 2009 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
I loved that Dolly album, I got it because Terry Wogan played "Better Get to Living" a lot when it came out.

I Will Forever Hate Roses made me cry.

I wasn't keen on the Jesus song, but it was ok I guess, and the lyrics are very clever.
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