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He suddenly beheld his very own self. - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 11.19 am, Monday 23rd March, 2009
Subject: He suddenly beheld his very own self.
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Friday I was tired to the point of illness. A long day on my own in the office didn't help. Then home, macaroni cheese and falling asleep before the film had even started.

Woke far too late on Saturday with dizzy spells. Eventually got on a bus to Stockwell where the religious songs were being sung in some variant of French and then translated. Tube to Euston carrying empty bags. Euston to Coventry was swift and uneventful and we even had time for a once round the shops. I bought a very cheap black suit to trash. Home for tea and "fruit" (there were *apples* in the sponge cake and thusly it was healthy). Salmon with ginger on egg fried rice for dinner. Wine. Glorious sleep.

Woke with my mum bringing me tea. On mothers day. Felt like a git for not waking up earlier. Designed mum a new logo for the corsetry she's making. Built a cahon with dad. Fry up. Built a lighting display with dad. Roast beef with parsnips and potatoes. Much slower train to Euston. Quick bus home. Driver stopped to let running people on, but honked at someone at the ticket machine. Then I realised he was honking to say just get on and I'll waive the fare.

This morning I've been informed that I should have been at work on Saturday. Bumflaps.

Album of the day was Evermore - Real Life. Really good for my state of mind. Quite simple lyrics over classic rock informed by U2. Lots of good riffs and piano work to stick in the mind.

Evermore - Real Life

Play of the day was Henrik Ibsen trans. Richard Eyre - Hedda Gabler. One of the all time classics. It's fine as a play, but I couldn't buy into her character at all. I could rant on, but I have to go and fix a cow-orkers printer.
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