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PLease, sir, what am I to do about prep? - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 10.12 am, Friday 20th March, 2009
Subject: PLease, sir, what am I to do about prep?
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Overslept, but made it in just on time if groggy and sweaty. Day spent avoiding jobs I was meant to do. On my own in the office as boss is sick and coworker is playing a gig in Blackpool. Most remarkable thing was that at six, just when I was possibly about to maybe start doing something useful, JA came in to the library for a chat and a raid. Tube to Vauxhall and then bike. Managed to get lost trying to circumvent Brixton and when I stopped to check the map, my wheel slipped and I had a messy job putting it back in place. Pasta with wine, port with ice cream. Discussion of foreign coinage.

Album of the day was Nick Lowe - The Convincer. Sounded like a crooner in the back room of a sleazy dive, but not necessarily in a bad way. Some lovely emotional hooks in there, but it wasn't the album I wanted to hear yesterday.

Nick Lowe - The Convincer

Play of the day was Conor McPherson - This Lime Tree Bower. Three Irish lads recount the trials and tribulations of one particular week in their collective past. Childhood friendships and discovering sex for the youngest, vomiting at a philosopher for the middle and holding up a bookies for the oldest. Really good read. Niggled me that they were all reading the same narrative (as in it wouldn't make sense for them to be telling their individual stories alone, but they referenced things we knew they'd just heard as if they hadn't). Comes to an abrupt end, which is a little unsatisfying, but there isn't anything more needs saying.
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User: the_elyan
Date: 6.57 pm, Friday 20th March, 2009 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
The only thing I've seen by Conor McPherson is his best-known - The Weir - which I love, and would like to see again (alas someone stole my tape of the radio version).
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