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My husband was at home for lunch .. a neighbour of ours can verify that. - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 10.13 am, Thursday 19th March, 2009
Subject: My husband was at home for lunch .. a neighbour of ours can verify that.
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So being a good boy I left in plenty of time to bike to Brixton in the morning. Except that brixton was a massive squishy mess. This occasionally happens when the victoria line behaves like the queen having sex. I bike on to Stockwell, where I can get on the northern line. But that is a massive squishy mess. I elect to keep biking to vauxhall where the tube is still filed under "mess, squishy (see also massive)" but the overland is fine. I say fine, the first train I stepped on immediately broke. Still, once I was moving in the few minutes before waterloo a calm voice told me exactly what of the underground was broken and explained all the mess. The problem was that the victoria line was down kings cross to walthamstow, leading to delays everywhere else. If the victoria line is just closed it pushes commuters to other routes, but it keeps people flowing. The day blended into the ones before and doubtless the ones after. I accidentaly tripped while walking through wood green and ended up buying a big stack of Tim Burton and Terry Gilliam films. I failed to find a cheap black charity shop suit. After work, I went to see two plays at the Karamel Klub. After that I slept most of the way back to Brixton on the tube. There was a rather imposing chap sitting two to my right in a brown velvet suit and green tie who was taking photos of himself in the traditional myspace manner. Brixton. Big squishy mess getting on the 432, so I got on an empty 2. Home, pizza, top gear, sleep. Never enough sleep.

Album of the day was Yes - Yessongs. This hasn't been a good week for my listening. I know for a fact that I didn't take a word of vocals in from this album, but I'm also fairly sure that that is not the point. Soaring solos over music that moves. OK, it sounds a little dated, but every time my brain dropped into the right gear I found this engaging. However, once again, I think it needs more brain than I could give it.

Yes - Yessongs

Plays of the day were:
Raymond Queneau - In Passing. The Oulipo founder's only theatrical piece. A mirror play in two scenes. A discontented woman falls in love with a passerby in order to demonstrate how anyone would be more romantic than her husband. Then a discontented man falls in love with a passerby in order to demonstrate how anyone would be more romantic than his wife. Simple, absurd, touching.

Oliver Emanuel - Man Across the Way. A twisted tale of policemen and potential terrorists and bombings and torture and memories real and lost. I think it could be great in performance, but on the page there's too much lost between characatures, economy of script and deliberate ambiguity.

Joseph Moncure March - Wild Party. Not actually a play, but there are two musicals based on this one poem so I thought it worth a read. A 1928 poem describing the events of a day and a night in Queenie and Burr's flat. Atmospheric, tense, sexy. The version I was reading is illustrated by Art Spiegelman who is absolutely right for the job.

Christopher Shinn - Dying City. A man goes to war leaving his wife and twin brother. A year later, the wife and brother meet up to discuss his death. Flicking between the times works beautifully for the first two thirds of the play. Information is filtered gently through hesitation and expectation. Then there is the bombshell, which is dealt with hamfistedly, and after which we have a third of the play waiting for something to happen, which it doesn't.

Enda Walsh - Disco Pigs. Pig and Runt, friends since babies, are going out for their seventeenth birthdays. The plot is simple (pig (male) fancies runt (female) but she doesn't fancy him, they go out on the town and end up smashing their friendship) but the delivery is stylish and fun. The detail of their own private language. And what colour is love anyway?
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User: phlebas
Date: 2.41 pm, Thursday 19th March, 2009 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Oh! I never realised Disco Pigs was originally a play. I'm guessing the play is better than the film.
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