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Day Three in the Mundy House - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 11.08 pm, Wednesday 23rd July, 2003
Subject: Day Three in the Mundy House
Security: Public
Music:Morrison, Van - Moondance
It's been an odd rehearsal. Because we're just starting to stand it up, we're working very slowly with no real concept of our lines. And the first scene we looked at is my opening monologue, and the entrance sequence. (I'm starting to think of this play as a bit of an english harlequinade) So the first chunk of the rehearsal was my monologue, which I don't know yet, again and again and again. But it was good to do it.
Good feeling in the rehearsal room. Many smiles and hugs and shoulder rubs. We really are turning in to loveys.
And there's always someone there to keep me sane. or drive me mad.
In other news, how long have Sainsbury's been selling Thatcher's cider? It surely isn't playing by the rules. Having Old Katy in the fridge is just wrong.
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