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Varium et mutabile semper Femina ... - A Most Illuminating Tale — LiveJournal
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 10.57 am, Monday 16th March, 2009
Subject: Varium et mutabile semper Femina ...
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Three busy days and not much brain to remember them with. Friday was a long an unremarkable day at work, followed by a meander in to town. Did a surprising amount of shopping for cheap things in soho, including a few CDs and an ancient copy of Q magazine with an interview with Spinal Tap. Then to meet K&I from the matinee of Avenue Q. Ed's Easy Diner for dinner. Joined by O, who was excited about his new film idea, and A, who had heard it 12 times already. Dash across to the BAC to catch Lowlife by Blind Summit. Realised I'd actually seen one of the shows they helped with. The idea is that we are in the Drunken Puppeteer, a bar of ill repute, where puppets and puppeteers drink together. The ideas are fantastic, the puppetry is beautiful. It falls down in the way lots of devised theatre does. Each scene is: we are introduced to a puppet and an idea, idea is developed, someone says "let's do this" and idea is lost in a crazy whirlwind. Lots of beautiful metatheatrical moments.

On Saturday I saw a man leaving a trail of breadcrumbs behind him. He shredded two pieces of cheap white bread as he walked down the street past the bus stop. Once it was gone, he walked on for a few more seconds, stopped, looked puzzled, turned around and followed it back. Then the bus came and I didn't see what happened next. I almost bought a Paul Smith velvet suit. Then to Albannach in Trafalgar Square to taste whiskys with K&I. K found a whisky she liked. I did not, although I got a lot closer. The man who was running the tasting said that most people get a bad idea of whisky through stealing some cheap blend from their dad. The thing is, I stole the expensive single malt from my dad. Really nice haggis samosas. Wild goose chase for quick sushi and then the long tube journey to Wembley Park, sleepy from the whisky. Met IA at the station and to the Arena to watch Elbow, supported by The Acorn. Support band lovely. Elbow lovely. An entire bar of galaxy on the Metropolitan.

Sunday to Battersea and the Affordable Art Fair. Couldn't afford anything. First ice cream of the year. Dragged myself home for bicycle repair and watching O's exciting film what he had already made. Mars Attacks and mexican food.

Album of the day was Los Campesinos! - Hold on Now, Youngster... Geek Rock supreme. Recommended to me because it has lines about the eroticism of stationery and the dewey decimal system. I really like it but I need to have another listen.

Los Campesinos! - Hold on Now, Youngster...

Play of the day was Yasmina Reza - The God of Carnage. Can anyone tell me why this just took a Larry? Short pointless piece about two pairs of parents arguing over what is to be done about their children who have been fighting. They bicker in a way that implies that maybe something interesting will happen. Then it ends.
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User: the_elyan
Date: 7.00 pm, Monday 16th March, 2009 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
I was tempted by God of Carnage when it came to Cambridge, but only because Richard E Grant was in it. I didn't bother in the end. Yasmin Reza's plays do seem to be about not much happening in a very middle-class ambience (cf Art).

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