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France had become a Tabula rasa, and everything had to be reorganised. - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 10.36 am, Friday 13th March, 2009
Subject: France had become a Tabula rasa, and everything had to be reorganised.
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Boss didn't show up for work yesterday, so I was here on my own until noon. On Wednesday, AR had gone to the Kelvin lecture on the subject of Creating the invisibility cloak. When she got there she realised that the lecture was instead on Thursday night. I think that maybe invisibility cloaks are just already better than we imagined. Had twelvety things I should have been doing last night, but in the end exhaustion won.

Album of the day was Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - Lonely Road. McFly grows up. I like it a lot. Upbeat rock, just the soft side of metal. Catchy tunes and solid lyrics when they come through. Not likely to change the world, but good for the waking up.

Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - Lonely Road

Play of the day was Frank Wedekind trans. Nicholas Wright - Lulu. Reading up the source text of Pandora's Box. This is based on the original 5 act version. Wedekind consequently split the play in two and spent years in "development hell" endlessly rewriting it. The plot follows Lulu as she is passed from lover to lover, each with their own name for her. She is the archetype of female sexual power and as those around her become obsessed, all collapses. Fascinating, engrossing, engaging. I also like the clever clever in the naming of her and the recurring portrait.
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Marcus Ericsson 'Strongtrousers'
User: strongtrousers
Date: 12.30 pm, Friday 13th March, 2009 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
The RSS's next show is Lulu, in the Peter Barnes translation. 28th March - 4th April. Members only, so if you fancy going, let me know and I'll get you a ticket.

Oh, and that album I meant to recommend you was Fantasma by Cornelius. I have a CD if you can't find it.
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