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Neutrality is essential if we are to play a constructive role in achieving peace - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 10.32 am, Thursday 12th March, 2009
Subject: Neutrality is essential if we are to play a constructive role in achieving peace
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Surprisingly bright through yesterday despite the lack of sleep. Early to work. Work through until 3 when I skip school for the afternoon. Meander into town and walk through shops from Warren Street down to the Southbank. Note that a sign in the Virgin Megastore Zavvi empty shop on the corner of TCR and Oxford Street says Virgin Megastore Reopening Soon. Buy a new inner tube, cutting mat, copy of First Kisses. To the BFI to watch Pandora's Box with newly commissioned live accompaniment by the Monroe Transfer. The film is fascinating. A little long in places, a lot ambiguous in places. I can see why Louise Brooks was an icon. Interesting mix of naturalism and old school acting. Visually rich. The accompaniment was brilliant. A five piece version of the band playing violin, cello, double bass, guitar and drums and at times detuned radio (which at one point caught the words "what's going on"), wok and what looked like stage and wooden spoon. Sometimes the detail of the music didn't quite match up, but some fine music. I particularly liked the theatre music (Bossy Squirrel says You have to go on stage) and the looped guitar harmonics. A glass of wine and good company. 68 home, meeting KL en route. Fish and Chips and the start of the incredibly mental Forbidden Zone.

Album of the day was Mull Historical Society - This Is Hope. Unfortunately this wasn't a good day for listening to music. However, even the first pass this got was enough for me to know I like it. Interesting Rock. I'll be coming back to it I'm sure.

Mull Historical Society - This Is Hope

Play of the day was Richard Alfieri - Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks. Lovely little piece for two mature actors (a man in his 40s and a woman in her 70s?) about an old lady paying for dance lessons in her home. Each week, each scene, she is taught a new dance, although the truth is she already knows them, she's just in it for the company. They row and fight and lie, but they need each other. I'll admit, I did cry a bit by the end. Very short scenes with lots of costume changes.
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User: spangle_kitten
Date: 1.07 pm, Thursday 12th March, 2009 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
It is odd to see that huge shop empty. One would think it would be one of the most profitable shops in London given the location.

6 Dance Lessons sounds lovely.
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