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The Dog Fleaing Itself in the Hot Dust - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 11.13 am, Friday 6th March, 2009
Subject: The Dog Fleaing Itself in the Hot Dust
Security: Public
A little leaving for work. Met the gasman on the doorstep. Spent a lot of the work day without my boss. He went shopping in town in order to avoid a general staff meeting. In the car park of Chocolate Factory I next to the expensive american cars I watched a student testing his trebuchet as it fired brussel sprouts. Brilliant. Want one.

One of the students is an enormous Michael Jackson fan and his excitement infected me. At 4pm I loaded up www.michaeljackson.com, news.bbc.co.uk and the relevant twitter feed to await the press conference about his forthcoming dates at the O2, the worst kept secret in entertainment. I was really hoping to see him come out and be, well, a real human being. A man on the comeback, rather than the washed out freak that we see through the windows we are given in the news. What happened though made me think of the words "Pissup" and "Brewery". After an hour and a half waiting, Dermot O'Leary took the microphone and announced that just before Michael comes out they're going to show a special video. But it doesn't start. A couple of minutes pass and the crowd are now chanting "play the film", Dermot as well. He takes the mic and heads offstage to find someone technical when suddenly the video kicks in. It shows a montage of Jackson live and in videos over his entire career. It shows fans collapsing in the audience, tears streaming down their faces. It shows him as an icon, idol, messiah. The film finishes. Thank-you for coming, I know you've been waiting a long time. Here he is. Michael Jackson. Cheers. Pause. Pause. Video shows him entering the building. Still cheering. Now chanting. Now a murmur. Finally he takes the stage. He walks downstage and makes triumphant fists and victory Vs at the audience. Then a few words to the microphone. Then back out to the crowd. Repeat. The only information he gave was:
This is it.
My last concerts in london.
I'll play the songs the fans want to hear.
I love you.
He then returned behind the curtain leaving Dermot to read the information on dates and tickets from the autocue. This is going to be a carcrash.

In the evening I went to the Karamel Club to see MojoMickybo and England. Both performed and directed well. Both quite plot light. MojoMickybo was bouncy physical comedy on a backdrop of tragedy. Fantastic. England is about the boy/girl friend of an art dealer who needs a new heart. Interesting. Performed and written in a very stylised manner that I'm not entirely sure helps the cause. Then home to beans on toast and lovely housemates.

Album of the day was Original Motion Picture Cast Recording of Evita. I kept waiting for a big tune to kick in. Aside from Don't Cry For Me, which is used three or four times, I didn't find anything to get my teeth into and even that seems watered down after all these years. Typical of what people dislike in Lloyd Webber.

Original Motion Picture Cast Recording of Evita

Play of the day was Stephen Brown - Future Me. Tale of a paedophile in his descent from lawyer to prisoner and then to his rehabilitation. Typical Theatre503 play. Likes to ask questions. There are some interesting moments looking at whether people can change, whether the age of consent is necessary, whether it always hurts the child. However, these questions are usually raised in a way that makes it abundantly clear what the answers are. Notably, the word paedophile is never used in the play.
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