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Her maidenly bloom fresh-glowing - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 9.59 am, Tuesday 3rd March, 2009
Subject: Her maidenly bloom fresh-glowing
Security: Public
Generally nice day yesterday. Woke with tea and had cold bread and butter pudding for breakfast. Glorious sunshine as I walked across the park. Found time in the middle of the day to chat to a director and to sit in the sun reading. Called F to say thank-you for giving me Final Fantasy and to call him rude words because I'm now sick of waking up still humming it. At the end of the day pootled home to a bowl of soup and a glass of Mort Subite Kriek. Half watched the Fountain while painting. I'll have to watch it again though as I think the only way to watch that film is probably with your eyes glued to the screen. Late night biscuits.

Album of the day was Art Brut - Bang Bang Rock & Roll. Exactly what hooks me. Novelty to draw me in and then tunes that keep me. I love the set up in the opening song "This Is my singing voice. I'm not being ironic". Favourite song is about having a brand new girlfriend. "I've seen her naked twice. I've Seen Her Naked. TWICE!"

Art Brut - Bang Bang Rock & Roll

Play of the day was Conor McPherson - The Seafarer. Disfunctional Irishmen, dirty little feckers in a run down house, try to get through Christmas without killing each other. A game of poker with a mysterious stranger brings up some half forgotten secrets. I like it. Found it hard to believe in the characters, and indeed some of the situations, but that's not the point. The ending feels like it ought to be a cop out, but from the way it is brought on it's very satisfying.
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