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Lent is coming - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 5.30 pm, Monday 23rd February, 2009
Subject: Lent is coming
Security: Public
Location:CW Library, N22
Tomorrow being Shrove Tuesday (Mardi Gras, Carnival) I'll be making pancakes and vows. For anyone who doesn't know me, I'm agnostic if not atheistic and make lenten vows because 47 days seems like a good number.

Last year I did a great many things through lent, but this year I haven't really had time to think about it. I will probably take photos every day, listen to a new album every day and build a new puzzle. I will also try to make some prizes for the two (count 'em) correct solutions I had for the 2008 puzzle.

Anyway, a lent poll for anyone still watching:

Suggest one thing I should give up for lent

Suggest one thing I should take up for lent

Suggest one album you think is great

Suggest one legendary pancake filling

Comments screened for any other notes.
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