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Happy (Belated) New Year! - A Most Illuminating Tale — LiveJournal
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 6.56 pm, Tuesday 6th January, 2009
Subject: Happy (Belated) New Year!
Security: Public
Location:CW Library, N22
Tags:meme, mixtape, music
Even this is late. Happy New Year, world. While failing to do all the sensible jobs a boy has to do, I present all my New Year's memery. I promise, emails will be written, dates will be fixed and cheques will be posted. Tomorrow.

The "First Lines" Meme

A Very Happy New Year
4.17 am, Wednesday 2nd January, 2008
This is my favourite of all the new year memes I think.

I ask the great LJ to run my life once more
11.26 am, Monday 4th February, 2008
Given that it's nearly time for pancakes, what should I give up, or take up, for lent this year?

just home
4.53 am, Saturday 1st March, 2008
shop, v&a, ox1, taff, vic, home. flesh out later.

(no subject)
7.47 am, Friday 4th April, 2008
Off to Berlin once more. Expect me even quieter until Tuesday.

On not writing
5.52 pm, Monday 19th May, 2008
I've not been posting enough here for the standard reasons. I've either been too busy with too much to do to have time or (to employ management speak) bandwidth to write, or I've been recovering, spending every spare minute sleeping and having nothing to write about.

No public posts.

10.04 am, Wednesday 2nd July, 2008
The Robert. Designer: RTD

Rambling Robert
5.17 pm, Friday 8th August, 2008
A little before ten past eight this morning I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. My hair still wet and uncombed from the morning shower, dark blue jeans into waxy leather brown boots which I was tying up. It was the first time in a long time I've liked myself in the mirror.

Quick Photo Meme
11.29 pm, Thursday 18th September, 2008
Failure to update here is indicative of failure to do a lot of things. Here be a meme instead.

Big Lol Cats
4.55 am, Sunday 5th October, 2008
Just because I haven't seen anyone else post this yet. I CAN HAZ WILL DE BEEST?

October Round up
5.56 pm, Monday 17th November, 2008
Once again a post topped with "I should really post more". Here's some stuff I've been up to:

Merry Christmas!
7.16 pm, Thursday 25th December, 2008
Merry Christmas, dear friends. Head over to weaselspoon.com for a Christmas treat.

The thing I've realised is that I'm happier when I'm posting more. I look back at the year and I feel proud even of the nothings I've done if I record them. Seems silly to say it, but it's true.


1 - To blog more (see above)
2 - To act more
3 - To write twelve songs on the subject of the animals of the Chinese calender
4 - To finish the blasted puzzle picture, preferably in time for lent
5 - To be happier
6 - To cultivated an appreciation for Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan, and to further extend my appreciation of Tom Waits

Half a doz seems appropriate with my current obsession with twelves.

The Annual Music roundup Meme

Get your mixtapes here. Clicky the link to download the 2008 mixtape, clicky the links at the bottom for previous years. If you would like a genuine CD copy, please email me your details to mixtapes at weaselspoon dot com.

MMVIII - Songs from and inspired by Two Thousand and Eight AD

Sleeve Notes:

1. Horrible Theme from the Original Weblog Cast Recording of Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog.
During the writer's strike, Joss Whedon attempted to create something using non-standard methods to circumvent the strike. Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog was the result. I only got round to watching it when my housemate was making films to try to get on the DVD. He succeded.

2. Dr Yang (Lovesick Diagnosis) by Ben Folds from Way to Normal (Fake Version).
With a free day in Dublin not long before his new album was due to be released, Ben Folds and his band went into the studio and recorded a fake album, using the titles from the real one but writing completely new songs. This was then leaked anonymously to a fan site. I prefer the fake stuff to the real stuff.

3. The Bones Of You by Elbow from The Seldom Seen Kid.
Saw them in Brixton and at the RFH this year. This is the track I couldn't get out of my head.

4. Temazcal by Powerplant from Electric Counterpoint.
I managed to catch Powerplant (percussionist Joby Burgess, sound designer Matthew Fairclough and visual artist Kathy Hinde) at the Purcell room. There was a very small audience. Ended up drinking with Time Out's classical columnist. This is the ending of a nine minute maraca solo.

5. Cockadoodle Tato by The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band from Pour L'amour Des Chiens.
I finally saw the reunion show at the Astoria and they didn't disappoint. They played this twice.

6. Boney Was A Warrior by Jack Shit from Rogue's Gallery.
The Rogue's Gallery gig at the Barbican was the logical next step after Plague Songs, and then runs on to the Twisted Christmas gig. The highlights of the show were David Coulter cutting Neil Hannon with an impressive saw solo and Ralph Steadman.

7. 1,000,000 by Nine Inch Nails from The Slip.
I could go on for days about Nine Inch Nails and the excellent way they treat their fans, their audience and their craft. Ghosts I-IV, an epic instrumental work was released early this year and was then rapidly followed by The Slip, an upbeat, tourable rock album, available for free download from nin.com. This song has seen me into work on time many a day this year.

8. Dick Around by Sparks from Hello Young Lovers.
Recommended by diamond_geyser in my lenten quest for new music. Easily my most quoted song of 2008.

9. Canon For Stylophone and Piano by Max A Rush.
One of three pieces written for me for my birthday. Recorded especially for this mixtape by the good man himself. The stylophone is actually all three stylophone sounds layered over each other.

10. Sciosophy by Graham Fitkin from Flak.
A completely random find during my lenten quest for new music. I think this album is utterly stunning and heartily recommend everyone goes out and buys it. I know that by saying that nobody will, or those that do will wonder what is wrong in my head, but I love it.

11. Crystal Cat by Dan Deacon taken from the soundtrack to the Berlin production of Anger by Temple Theatre.
Dear Mr Tweddle, I am sorry for stealing the CD from out of the CD player at the end of the show, but Bert let me. I am sorry, if necessary, for writing on the wall of your building. But most of all, I'm sorry that I much preferred the German show Anger to the British show Out of Chaos.

12. Jigsaw by Jayne Sarah from Perfectly Impossible.
I told her she should write a happy song. She wrote this.

13. Will The Weaver by Faustus from their eponymous album.
It starts with a man complaining about women in trousers and ends with a cad explaining away his blackened skin by claiming to have been in the bacon. I saw Faustus supporting Spiers and Boden at the Union Chapel.

14. The Nun's Litany by Stephin Merritt bootlegged from BBC Radio 7.
I prefer this to the version on Distortion. The interview it comes from is one of the most hilariously awful pieces of radio I have ever heard.

15. Unknown Track taken from the soundtrack to the Berlin production of Anger by Temple Theatre.
I'm also sorry I didn't get Bert to write down the track listing. If anyone knows what this is, please let me know.

16. The Robert Wells Birthday Diptych by Tove Sigurdsson from From One Robert To Another.
Another piece written for me for my birthday. Tove said to me "your present is on myspace", and lo, it was for one day only. It is a response to my dislike of music where you can't hear the words. Tove wins the loudness wars, BTW. This has been turned down so much and still sounds louder than anything else on the disk.

17. The East River by Jeffrey Lewis from The Last Time I Took Acid I Went Insane.
Tove's suggestion for my lenten quest. It stuck. I'm a sucker for novelty with something solid to back it up.

18. Maple Leaves by Jens Lekman from Oh You're So Silent Jens.
Holly's suggestion for my lenten quest. I didn't think it had stuck until I chanced on it later and realised I'd been humming all the tunes for weeks.

19. Le Cygne by Sergey Karamyshev & Maxim Shagaev.
I stopped and listened to a pair of buskers on the Island of Museums in the middle of the Art Market (I love the German for Art Market). They played accordian and glass harmonica and managed to pick one of my favourite works of all time.

20. Courting Too Slow by Bellowhead from Burlesque.
KAL's suggestion for my lenten quest. They do so many things right. I regret missing them at the proms this year, but I'm glad I caught them at Koko's. I also heartily recommend the new album Matachin.

21. Deathbed by Philip Jeays from the New Humanist Podcast.
I caught this at Eight Lessons and Carols for Godless People, and then was overjoyed to see it on the New Humanist podcast. It was an epic gig marred only by my desire to punch Dawkins.

22. The Shiver In Your Bones by Fireworks Night from A Mirror, A Ghost.
I saw Fireworks Night play for the first time this year, and so far mr gill still has an unblemished record. This album is worth noting not just for the fine music on the disk, but also for the beautiful handmade packaging.

23. Four Jews in a Room Bitching from the Original Off-Broadway Cast Recording of March of the Falsettos.
It surprises me that this time last year I didn't really know who William Finn was. I've listened through a lot of his shows now and have yet to be disappointed.

24. Blow Me (A Kiss) by Bob & Tom from their Greatest Hits.
I heard this song being perfomed by a brilliant cabaret singer in the Later Cabaret for Paines Plough in October. I wish I could remember his name. If it weren't for the fact that the euphormisms are obviously modern ones, this could easily be from the 50s.

25. Big Titty Bee Girl (From Dino Town) by Baby Dee from Safe Inside the Day.
I saw Baby Dee supporting Marc Almond and was disappointed to see so little of her. So we went to catch her at the Purcell room to find that we just got more of the little we'd seen. However, she then played this for an encore and it made us wonder why she'd been pissing around instead of performing.

26. I Love You Because from the Original Off-Broadway Cast Recording of the musical of the same name.
I first heard of this when KSV did Just Not Now in the MVMT showcase this year. I think it's a wonderful show and I really wish I'd seen it when it was on. I've only found out today that it's meant to be based on Pride and Prejudice. This is the grand finale.

27. White Wine In The Sun by Tim Minchin from Tim Minchin's Loving and Peaceful Yuletide Half-Hour and then www.angry-feet.com.
Tim Minchin played this as the encore at the work in progress gig I saw at the soho theatre. It made me cry. Then I met him. Then we drank. Then he commissioned me to paint for him. Then there was a couple of months of panic and finally an enormous painting which had to be white van'd to his house. Did I mention I'm an artist? No denying it now.

Also this year, I've composed quite a lot, but that will have to wait for another day.

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User: missbunnypants
Date: 12.28 am, Thursday 8th January, 2009 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
im just checking ur still alive
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