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October Round up - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 5.56 pm, Monday 17th November, 2008
Subject: October Round up
Security: Public
Location:CW Library, N22
Once again a post topped with "I should really post more". Here's some stuff I've been up to:

I went to a wedding in some vaults between the Strand and the river. I wore my kilt and behaved atrociously, although I was told at the time that I was being good value. For wedding presents, the bride and groom asked for books, which was brilliant because that made the guests talk about the presents and was a fantastic ice breaker. The bride and groom were at their best.

I went to a concert of video game music. Some really nice arrangements, and a fantastic idea, tarnished somewhat by over use of a backing track and being hosted by Americans who were a little bit too emthusiastic. We left fairly certain that the Mario theme is possibly the greatest piece of game music of all time given that you find yourself humming it for days and not minding.

I celebrated my mum's 60th birthday with a large quantity of fish. This was a Good Idea.

I saw Bellowhead live, which was great. They suffer from the problem that any band that size is going to have, which is a lack of freedom. That aside, a wonderful performance with an incredibly varied audience and lots of bouncing up and down.

On halloween I went to see Mr Gaimen reading from his latest. He seems to read as if he's playing Just a Minute. I wonder if his audiobooks sound like that. He was very good in the Q&A and said some very witty things that I can't remember now, but my accomplice will be able to perfectly recall. We sat behind Dr Horrible.

Then we went to the all-night voodoo film marathon hosted by Jeremy Dyson. The League of Gentlemen's Christmas Special remains an incredible piece of television. Mostly atmospheric and scary with just enough laughs to make it still a comedy. Then I Walked With A Zombie, which is a retelling of Jane Eyre. No, really. Great film. The House of Eagles basically supposes that all women are witches and all men advance because of the power of their wives. The Believers is the tale of a psychiatrists run in with a voodoo cult. We had been warned that there was an electrocution scene, so for the first five minutes everyone wanted to shout out "No, mop up the milk now, before you stick your fingers in the sparking broken coffee maker!" but she wouldn't have listened. Finally, I missed most of Scream Blacula Scream, the follow up to the surprisingly popular Blacula.

So that's the end of October. Then it gets kinda busy...
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