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Weary now - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 4.28 pm, Saturday 31st May, 2008
Subject: Weary now
Security: Public
Location:CW Library, N22
Events of the last two weeks:

Wednesday 21st: Out of Chaos at the Blue Elephant
Which was very good, and a lot of fun, but I really missed the structure of Berlin's Anger and I couldn't see any real advances from the earlier WIP showing, which was meant to be a first showing of rough sketches. Followed by some poets, one of which wrote well but delivered poorly, the other writing quite well and delivering much better. Note the line "When I say X you say Y X".

Failed to get tickets to see Action Hero's How To Disappear. Miffed.

Friday 23rd: Indy Day
Got home past midnight on Thursday to realise C had never seen an Indy Jones film. Watched Raiders. Slept. Woke. Watched Last Crusade. Met GM from Brixton. Returned home. Watched Temple. Into town to BAFTA for a champagne reception and then to the front row for Crystal Skull. It rocked. My only niggle that can't be explained away by "well it's Indy" is that the natives were never explained. Goody bag with a wooden snake. Wandered through Soho and then home for curry, more booze and Raiders again.

Saturday 24th: Camden
Took GM to Camden which was surprisingly unshit. Bought Bruce Campbell. Then to Paddington (unfortunately as the Bristol City fans were heading the same way). Train to Reading then Coventry although I fucked up and we ended up in Leamington. Oops. Home to parents, much woodcuttery and sleep.

Sunday 25th: Coventry to London
Welding with pater, then brunch with the Grand Prix which rocked quite a bit. Wonderful when it is raining outside to know that it was raining in Monte Carlo. Loaded car and drove with my mum down to London. Dinner at Number 22, local tapas bar. Expensive but very good.

Monday 26th: Jazz
Mum to Brixton to sewing. Returned home and attempted to tidy and got not a little stressed. Then took mum to a soho basement for pizza and jazz. Specifically the presumptively titled The Quartet, who also managed to rock. Sat underneath the trumpeter who was heard to exclaim "I can't play this! It's got eleventy twelve flats in it".

Friday 30th: Sandpit
Nice game about blindfold running through a human labyrinth, then in for the technical Comfort of Strangers which basically failed. As soon as I entered the game I was dead with no restarts. This pissed me off so my review of the exhibition (almost entirely awful, more to follow) should probably be taken with a pinch of salt. Then the postcard game, which I like but isn't much of a game. Failure to find the drawing machine. Drink in the NFT bar where OS met lovely friends.

Tonight sees me at the Purcell Room for Baby Dee and thence, possibly, dropping in on the tube party, although it all seems a lot of faff now. I might just have a quiet drink on the way home and be done with it.
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User: spangle_kitten
Date: 4.27 pm, Saturday 31st May, 2008 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
I think it's a shame the tube party has got a fair bit of press - tbh I thought it sounded a lovely idea at first but now I would bet that a bunch of drunken louts will ruin it.

Ah well...It's not going to make a blind bit of difference anyway!

For those of us who aren't drunken louts covert measures will just have to make do. I'll be sticking my Pimms and leonade in a dandilion and burdock bottle, Archers and lemonade in a Sprite bottle and cider in a Irn Bru bottle.
It's what I've done for years (given the way I dress includes PVC, rubber and fishnets with very dramatic make up I worry that people may assume I'm a prostitute if I'm drinking on a bus as it plays to a common stereotype - whereas the real reason is that drinks cost a bomb at clubs so I have the first one on the way)
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