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Interesting Times - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 1.33 pm, Thursday 10th April, 2008
Subject: Interesting Times
Security: Public
A very busy couple of weeks since the end of lent.

I had a proper Edinburgh warm up by seeing, in three consecutive days, a showcase, Noel Coward's Provate Lives, John Gay's Three Hours Before Marriage, Rhiannon Armstrong's International Archive of Things Left Unsaid, Rotozaza's Etiquette, a bill of short films, a sound/light installation piece, Planet Terror and Death Proof running together as Grindhouse and a hell of a lot of the most popular Edinburgh show Bar, all while working in the days as well. Then next day I went to a transvestite party in the most fabulous ballroom.

Last week was Gogol Bordello for O's birthday. They rocked, but they need to work on encores. Then home for bacon sandwiches and failure to debauch.

Last weekend was back to Berlin. Followed Gogol Bordello through security checks, but lost them in the departure lounge. Then they followed me on to my easyjet flight. Met a girl who has been following eco-pornographers as a journalist. Sang Regina to a girl in a shop and made her giggle. Flight home delayed by an hour and a half.

Very short on sleep here in blighty. It is a testament to the show and crew of Titanic last night that I didn't fall asleep, especially with the lovely comfy chairs of the Shaw Theatre.
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