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20th August 2008 - A Most Illuminating Tale — LiveJournal
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 11.59 pm, Wednesday 20th August, 2008
Subject: In which a man shouts a lot
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Tags:edinburgh, reviews
14:00 On the Waterfront (Pleasance)

Berkoff directs this adaptation of the classic film. Fine apart from the Berkoff. And some of the actors (one especially). And the Berkoff. Loved the guy playing the preacher, but he was also in the Comedians with Ron Moody and David Tennant that I had loved, so I'm biased. Favourite moment: by a long way, the pigeons.

16:30 Mould & Arrowsmith - A Sketch Show in PowerPoint (Pleasance)

Had to sprint to make it, but make it I did. Lovely little sketch show that again does what it says on the tin. Some sketches use the powerpoint as a backdrop, some as an integral character. One sketch in the form of a public information film about a girl addicted to correcting grammar was called Sophies Story and led to an easter egg spot the mistake hunt. Ends with a self referential scripted argument which took an old joke to extremes. Favourite moment: when the laptop BSODs and the techie went to emergency lighting.
Then Pizza at Mamma's with I and then O. Once they were ensconced in their next shows, to Brook's Bar for pool with E and T, over which I won an original work of art (presented immediately).
00:30 Comedy Countdown - The Final (Pleasance)

With special guest Ed Aczel as Carol Vorderman.

Well I had to come back, didn't I? In a smaller venue, Alex Horne returns to take on Stephen Grant in the final. J got "Delude" to beat all on stage and I was quite proud of doing the final numbers round before the clock had started ticking. Eventually it came down to a fairly easy win for Horne, but Grant taking the conundrum left it with only one point in it. Favourite moment: half time biscuit fun.
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