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19th August 2008 - A Most Illuminating Tale — LiveJournal
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 11.59 pm, Tuesday 19th August, 2008
Subject: In which the festival begins for real
Security: Public
Tags:edinburgh, reviews
Spent a couple of hours booking tickets from the flat before getting a message from J and dashing out of the flat.

13:45 Robin Ince - Carl Sagan is My God oh and Richard Feynman Too (Nichol Edwards)

Part of the Free Fringe. I arrived late so stood at the back to watch Ince, Moor and (?) talking of science. Ince read, Moor talked of supercolliders and his trip to CERN, and (?) talked of her upbringing, amongst other things ("my father is a psychologist and so my first notion of science was having my head strapped in a cage and bright lights shined in my eyes"). Favourite moment: I hope you will allow me to be human enough to tell you to go to hell.
Met I and J after the gig, and then J and I having glanced at a flier depicting a man in an indian headdress dashed off.

15:15 Ben Moor - Not Everything is Significant (Pleasance)

A wonderful tale of a biographer, his own autobiography and the professional footnoterer who is editing the manuscript. The biographer discovers a diary for next year that has been filled with his own handwriting. He finds himself following the diary's life whether he likes it or not. Favourite moment:

18:00 Tim Fitzhigham - The Bard's Fool (Pleasance)

Commodore Sir Timothy Fitzhigham FRGS Pittancer of Selby recounts his recreation of Will Kemp's Nine Day's Wonder as he morris dances from London to Norwich. A genuine English eccentric tells tales of the people of our fair land. Watching Commodore Sir Tim has a strange effect on me. I leave exhilarated, enthusiastic about the world and my place in it. I talk quickly and gesture frantically. Favourite moment: being his flag officer.

20:00 Dave McKean (Book Festival)

A talk by the legendary artist, designer, author and filmmaker. Basically he had prepared a slide show and talk us through it at speed. The big news is that Keanoshow has had troubles with its release due to issues over the music. It now will have no american release and the english release will go through Dave himself. I've had my copy for a couple of weeks, which is confusing. Dave and Neil have finished filming their next film which is in special effects at the moment. Dave has illustrated Hester Blumenthal's book. I need to go to the Fat Duck. Favourite moment: This is the mouse band that live in a box in the prime minister's hat and a small girl asks "does he know?"

00:00 Comedy Countdown (Gilded Balloon)

Dan Atkinson is Richard Whitely. James Sherwood is Richard Stilgoe. Terry Saunders is Susie Dent. Paul Litchfield is The Clock. With special guest Johnny Candon as Carol Vorderman.

What it says on the tin. Two comedians battle it out over six letters games, two numbers games and a conundrum for the right to come back tomorrow. Alex Horne, a veteran of the real game, took this episode from Mark Watson but not before throwing his genuine countdown shirt into the audience for the girl who got "idiocy". I managed to do both numbers rounds but didn't get to show off. Alex Horne went through to the final on the strength of his score, artificially heightened by the fact they played too many rounds. Favourite moment: the clock.
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