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18th August 2008 - A Most Illuminating Tale — LiveJournal
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 12.38 pm, Monday 18th August, 2008
Subject: Edinburgh
Security: Public
Arrived Saturday morning and taking it at a leisurely pace. I've actually slept quite a lot. I think I needed a holiday more than I needed an edinburgh. The world continues to amaze and astound and my nerves are all a jangle.
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 11.59 pm, Monday 18th August, 2008
Subject: In which we find part of a rant and some inadequacies
Security: Public
Tags:edinburgh, reviews
Again woke later than expected, but boy did I need the sleep. Attempted to sort tickets at the E-Ticket tent. Failed. The edfringe website, which was finally starting to work over the past few years, has been crippled by ticketing problems, some of which caused by the edcomfest. The one thing that the fringe office had got really good at was being a one stop shop for all your ticketing and scheduling. Now anything at the big three venues has to be booked through the comedy festival site and the scheduling system has broken. For the record, I'm against the comedy festival. If they want to split the comedy festival off the fringe, then it should be a separate entity taking in comedy wherever it is, not just a lumping together all the shows, comedy or not, of the big three venues.

14:00 Arthur Smith's ARTURART 2008 (ARTURART)

Cheered myself up by going for a walk round the ARTURART gallery, which was corking. Met J there. A room with barbie dolls flying through, a tale of the men on the warning signs, a hoodie in the cupboard, Mun Art, Tim Key's short film and the Quadtich "I'm Sorry I Broke Your Chair" "And Your Plate" "And Your Vase" & "But Most Of All I'm Sorry You Broke My Heart". Also fine additions from Tim Vine (oh dear), Stewart Lee (A Mashing of football stickers) and J Carr (My Soul, nothing on hardboard, 2008). Favourite moment: getting the security guard's favourite surveillance spot.
From there to an Acro Balance group with F. Bit embarrassed by my lack of balance, strength or grace and ended up almost in tears. But then there was a bizarre fight with crash mats and a couple of pints being in awe of the divers in the olympics.
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