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16th August 2008 - A Most Illuminating Tale — LiveJournal
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 11.59 pm, Saturday 16th August, 2008
Subject: In which our hero arrives in a mysterious land
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Tags:edinburgh, reviews
Arrived in Edinburgh about 7am and walked to Fountainbridge with my Rucksack of Doom. F made me tea and then we watched some Dave McKean as I fell asleep. Woke after a couple of hours. Met the lovely K and her lovely I and the lovely A. Wander around the craft fair at the West end of Princes Street and six of us for lunch at the vegetarian restaurant on Hanover Street but four of us for drinks at a triangular bar.

18:00 Arthur Smith's Public Lecture - 'The Toilet Role of ARTURART in the History of Western Representation' (Assembly)

Managed to sit on the second row, next to a frenchman who was challenged to say Smith's Crisps who turned out to be one of the founders of Just For Laughs. Arthur Smith took the stage to deliver a series of old one liners, introduce some guests including Mr Munnery and the semi-naked Aliens Ate My Schnitzel in their wendy house, and generally enjoy being Arthur Smith. Not necesarily a good show, but having been to the ARTURART gallery the year before, it felt right. Favourite moment: two attractive young men, one wearing a pair of lycra shorts depicting David's wang and one wearing a ring through his foreskin, hit themselves on the head with a tea-tray ten times and then hit each other on the head with a raw egg.

Back to fountainbridge for pizza and beer and guitar hero with K, I and F. Intended to return for freeze, but it was sold out so drank with I, E and J.

00:15 We Need Answers - The Final (Pleasance)

The game show of AQA. Mark Watson, Tim Key and Alex Horne present a quiz where all the questions had been texted to AQA, with contestants trying to guess the responses given. Josie Long versus Kristen Schaal in the final, with Long taking it fairly easily. Notable rounds included a speed texting round, a make a wedding dress from random shit round and the final gamble, where long gambled a £200 shopping spree for the chance of winning the mystery prize. Favourite moment: the mystery prize being a bathroom suite.
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