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8th August 2008 - A Most Illuminating Tale — LiveJournal
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 5.17 pm, Friday 8th August, 2008
Subject: Rambling Robert
Security: Public
Location:CW Library, N22
A little before ten past eight this morning I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. My hair still wet and uncombed from the morning shower, dark blue jeans into waxy leather brown boots which I was tying up. It was the first time in a long time I've liked myself in the mirror.

Today is meant to be a lucky day. A day to look for the good things and to count your blessings.

Aside from even the amazing things we take as trivial (I have a roof over my head, enough food to eat, people aren't trying to kill me, &c) the list is easy.
I'm composing, and slowly getting better at it.
I'm in the middle of my first commission as a visual artist, and it's for someone vaguely famous.
I live in an exciting city with exciting people.
I'm about to take a good long holiday, where I will travel to another exciting city to be with exciting people and then to a beautiful town to relax.
I am never short on tea.
Or gin.

I've spent most of this week exhausted to the point of distraction. There was an interesting moment last night where in a fit of pique I threw my muffin against the wall. I didn't know muffins exploded. I then went on to calm down by attempting to defend musical theatre, which was never going to be a sensible idea, especially since I of all people know how bad musical theatre can get.

But today is a good day. Tonight I shall be at the BAC watching Ionesco and tomorrow brings the promise of Good Food.

For discourses on the nature of humanity, the connections between past relationships and immigration policy, and a discorse on the use of the Oxford comma I would recommend coming back another day.
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