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2nd July 2008 - A Most Illuminating Tale — LiveJournal
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 10.04 am, Wednesday 2nd July, 2008
Subject: Cocktails
Security: Public
Location:CW Library, N22
The Robert

Designer: RTD

Ingredients: One measure gin
                    Four dashes bitters
                    Tonic water
                    Frozen fruit (blueberries or summer fruit)

Method: Fill a glass with the frozen fruit. Pour over the gin. Add the bitters. Add a dash of tonic to taste.

Status: Repeatedly and successfully tested.

The Five Bar Coda

Designer: RKW

Ingredients: One measure gin
                   One measure damson gin
                   One measure lychee liqueur
                   One decilitre kriek

Method: Mix liquid ingredients together in a collins glass. Add ice to fill and lime to garnish.

Status: Fourth draft. Still in testing.

The morning after contains cleansing teas and lots of fruit and trying not to fall asleep at the keyboard. I had so many sensible things I needed to post about. Oh well.
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