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19th May 2008 - A Most Illuminating Tale — LiveJournal
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 5.52 pm, Monday 19th May, 2008
Subject: On not writing
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Music:the antiques roadshow theme
I've not been posting enough here for the standard reasons. I've either been too busy with too much to do to have time or (to employ management speak) bandwidth to write, or I've been recovering, spending every spare minute sleeping and having nothing to write about.

Case in point: last week. As well as working six days in the library with all the faffing about that implies, on Monday I dined with an old friend. We ate high class pub food of the deep fried variety with some rather nice wine. Then we had a swift pair of cocktails in the Cellar Door, a jazz bar with the fantastic address of 0 Aldwych that used to be a public toilet. Then she realised that her hotel was in Aldgate. On Tuesday I went to Goodbye Faithful Kingdom at the MacBeth in Hoxton to see Buttonhead (the Deerhoof of Peckham with a wonderful song about Champion Bread), The Monroe Transfer (postrockdeepjoy, please see rants elsewhere in this blog) and Bela Emerson (cello loopy goodness, excellent use of loop pedal to allow soundcheck). Alledgedly, Brian Eno was in the house. On Wednesday I went to the Union Chapel for the first time to see "Squeezy John" Spiers and Boden supported by Faustus, which in total was 4.5/11.5 of Bellowhead. Fantastic gig. Really impressive to see such a wide sound coming from two men (with a well mic'ed squeezebox making full use of the proximity effect, you'd swear there was a bass on stage somewhere and with a cunningly mic'ed board to kick that's an extra percussionist, and they both sing). Thursday it was the excellent The Smile Off Your Face by Ontroerend Goed at the BAC, which involved being tied up, blindfold and in a wheelchair while stuff happened. Any further description ends in the words "You just had to be there". Friday was my night in. Foolish. On Saturday, after work, and after a swift guinness with Joewhowasdeath (where he revealed the secrets of composing, being "It doesn't get any easier", and I spotted the moment where the couple kiss by the fact my heart rate shot up), and a tube journey involving a very fierce raving over Commodore Sir timothy Fitzhigham FRGS, Pittancer of Selby, I ventured to Hammersmith where Mr Dara O'Briain was being very funny. A large proportion of his show consisted of interviewing the front row, leading to the title "You had to be there", and you really did. On Sunday I debated latency issues, plot construction in GTAIV and then went for a delightful late supper in another local creatives type household, where I was given a very shiny Mathmos Telstar. I like telstars a lot. Also in that time I worked my way through all of William Finn's Marvin trilogy, which are excellent shows, but certain songs can get lodged in your head and there's nothing that gets you funny looks than wondering around singing "bitch bitch bitch bitch funny funny funny funny bitch bitch bitchbitchbitchbitch I'm neurotic he's neurotic they're neurotic we're neurotic", and Spring Awakening, which is brilliantly dire and I'm not sure it knows it (when you set teenangst poetry to disney style poprock you get something that makes the milk come out of my nose).

The week before, aside from work, I ate and slept, utterly exhausted.

Tonight I could go and see Action Hero's latest show, or see Simon Munnery in a performance poetry night at an indian restaurant just round the corner from my work, or I could go home and tidy ready for a forthcoming parental visit.
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